sulphur crested cockatoo wings bleeding for the past 30 minuites

by yamy
(miami, fl)

i think i cut my sulphur crested cockatoo wings too close she has been bleeding for the past 30 minuites. i put corn starch on her but she is still bleeding not as bad but it is still stere if she cont. i will be taiking her to the nrearest dr but I am sure that on sat. that vet bill will not be under 1000.00 so please ask for all your help help into taking this under conteol I have been a birn owner for just about over 10 years and never encounter this please help!!!!!

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Aug 28, 2011
blood feathers
by: shannara

A bird can bleed to death quickly. Corn starch is not always going to work but should be tryed first. When a blood feather is broken you have to help your baby fast.
This is an easy thing to do if your bird is familiar with you and being handled.
It takes two people to do comfortably but can be done by one when nessisary.
Allow the person most comfortable to hold your bird. The second person needs a clean pair of pliers or hemostats to firmly grasp the broken and bleeding feather , pull it strait out in the direction of growth not at an angel.
This is not always the prefered way to stop the bleeding as pulling a feather is never favored by many but when you live so far from your vet it is better to loose a feather then your baby.
Personally I have learned that the bleeding feather seems to be hurting my bird and he seems to be greatful to have it removed and the pain be gone.

Aug 27, 2011
Bird bleeding
by: Tracie

Hopefully your bird is not bleeding any more and is still alive. Some people pull the feather that is bleeding out, but if you are not careful you may hold the bird too tight trying to keep the bird still and that will kill the bird because they have hollow bones.

There are Bird First Aid Kits that you can purchase that have something that stops the blood and other things in them, and are handy. Some people put regular flour on the feather to stop the bleeding too.

No matter what, do NOT waste time getting on the internet to post a question if your bird may possibly die before the question is answered. Get your bird to a vet or a trusted breeder that may have the tools or experience to help you. Keep their numbers on your fridge, like you would keep emergency numbers for your kids.

Thanks for writing, I don't want you to take the above as if I do not think you were trying to help your bird, I just want to encourage you to be prepared for bird emergencies like you would if you had a child in the house.

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