Sulphur Crested Cockatoo

by Zana

Hi, I would like to ask you a few questions in regards to my Sulphur Crested Cockatoo.
A week ago, she laid an egg. We only have a female cockatoo and I’m aware that she can still lay an egg without a male presence.
I’ve seen on Internet that I should leave the egg in the cage for her to sit on it; otherwise she might feel the need to have another one in a very short period of time. Is this true, should I encourage her to have more eggs, give her something to make a nest and when she lays an egg should I leave it in the cage? This time I haven’t done this, because the egg was broken when I discovered it and she never made a nest.

Also, how many eggs can they lay at once?? I’m scared that she might have another one stuck in called ‘an egg binding’ …Is this possible considering that she already laid an egg…could she have more than one??? At the moment she is very playful, eating good/ more than usual and it seems to me that she is not in any pain.

My main concern is that her ‘bottom part’ is still swollen and she won’t stop picking it. I also have noticed that she strains as if she wants to have another egg (or) take a dump, but only some sort of slime comes out. I can see by the bottom of her cage that she is regular and only once I’ve seen the slime come out. Should this worry me or is it just a normal process after laying an egg???

I was planning to take her for a check-up sometime next week or is it too long to wait?

I need to mention that she does have a bad habit of plucking her feathers on her stomach, chest, neck and back. We took her to the Vet a month ago and she received an antibiotic, but nothing has improved…she is still the same.

I do give her veggies daily plus her seeds and during the day time she is exposed to day light (I heard daylight gives her more calcium…for calcium I also give her egg shells).
When the sun goes down I bring her in to my bedroom, where she sleeps with the heater on. She loves that…makes her happy when she is around us and therefore she is plucking her feathers less….it seems to help with feather plucking, but she won’t stop picking her bottom.
Every morning I take her outside in a bigger cage and for some reason she shakes her wings as if she is cold. I doubt she is cold, because her cage is half covered and where she is there is no wind.
I can’t figure out if she is cold or it is just their reaction in mating season?

Your help or any advice would be greatly appreciated! I’m desperate and don’t know what to do!?

My next move is to give her more branches to keep her occupied and she might stop plucking her feathers.
I’m also thinking of getting a male, but not sure if it is good idea…I might create an additional problem to myself!?

Thanks so much on your time and hope to hear from you soon….


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Aug 29, 2011
Cockatoo may be egg bound and plucking
by: Tracie

You need to Find an Avian Vet for your bird right away, like right now, today! It does sound like your bird is egg bound.

If the bird isn't interested in sitting on the eggs, then throw them out. If an egg breaks, throw it away immediately so she doesn't eat a spoiled egg and die. Do NOT put in a nest box for her, you don't want to encourage this behavior.

To prevent egg binding, feed your bird Harrison's as 80% of it's diet. Please read the avian vet's Switching Birds To Pellets article and Chronic Egg Laying articles for more information, after you see the avian vet.

Do not take your bird to a dog/cat vet, find an avian vet that understands birds and has experience with bird related issues.

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