Sulphur crested cookatoo banging head

by Jane
(Geraldton Australia )

My sulphur crested cockatoo keeps head banging now my pink and grey has started what does this mean

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Dec 19, 2011
Sulphur crested cookatoo banging head
by: Linda

This is NOT normal behavior and indicates that there is illness with your birds or some kind of toxicity in the area that is causing this.

Please take both of them to Avian Vet to be examined for physical problems that could cause this. Have some basic bloodwork done to see if any toxins show up in the blood.

This is a very serious matter, and you need to pay close attention to anything you are using in the home. All room deoderizers are toxic as are the plug in kinds and the sprays. Scented candles are poison for birds as are most household cleaners. Use only bird safe cleaners for your entire home. Burn no incense, sage or any other product in your home because your birds will be poisoned and die from these items.

Make sure metal toy parts are not made from lead or zinc. Most of the metal toy parts and chain coming from China have lead and zinc which will kill your birds. Buy your birds wooden toys they can chew on and do not buy toys with metal parts especially if they are made in China.

Get them to the Avian Vet's as soon as you can because there is something very bad going on here, and it sounds like a toxin either in environment, water, food or an illness attacking their nervous systems.

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