Sun Conure acting strange

by Holly

I have a sun conure who is 18 yrs old. For the past couple of days she has been acting strange. I'll hear her fluttering in her cage and see what she is doing. She'll be sitting on the side of her cage kind of in a daze and seems to be have a problem grasping the cage bars with one foot. She'll snap out of it and be herself again. I just went to see what she was doing and was standing on one foot, holding out the other and inching down her perch with the aid of her beak. It's not the same foot every time.

I don't know if birds have seizures or mini strokes, but she'll have one of these episodes and then she's herself for the rest of the day. We have not introduced anything new, food or to her cage. Also nothing new in the house that might put off anything toxic.

Anyone have an idea what might be happening?

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Dec 13, 2008
Holly how is your Parrot
by: Doug


I to have a Sun Conure which is 17-18 years old and having the exact same symptoms as yours. Did you ever find out what the issues were with your bird? My Conure just started out of the blue one day and now she has periodic episodes. She acts like she is scared of something, flies around her cage and then goes into a sort of catatonic state. If you read this I would appreciate any information you could supply before I head off to the vet. It is winter time now so I have been hesitant to venture out but it is looking like a must situation now. I hope all turned out well with your little pal.

May 03, 2008
Sun Conure problem
by: The Vet

First I recommend that you have your bird seen by an avian veterinarian for a thorough work up. Often times these types of symptoms are early signs of more serious problems.

Strokes and seizures are possible differentials. Many things can cause these such as heavy metal toxicosis, calcium deficiency, central nervous disorders, and diabetes.

Dr B

May 03, 2008
Sick Conure
by: Holly

Thank you Tracie! I would like to know what is wrong. She hasn't had another episode since yesterday. I've washed her cage cover and bought some food with calcium in it, just in case she's deficient; she doesn't like cuttle bones. I hope it's a simple remedy. Thank you for your time!

May 02, 2008
Sun Conure acting strange
by: Marcia

Only thing I can comment is yes birds do have mini
strokes and seizures.I had a friend who had a Umbrella Cockatoo that suffers from seizures it has to be on phenobarbatal.I also met a parrot that had a stroke it had limited mobility.If you suspect that there is something wrong with your Sun Conure I think you should take it to you Avian
Vet and not wait.Only your Avian Vet can diagnose what's going on with your Sun Conure.

May 02, 2008
Sun Conure having problems
by: Tracie

Hello Holly,

I sent this on to our Vet also. It does sound like a health problem, but I am not an vet. I hope he has some answers for you.

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