Sun Conure Aggresion

by Tracy
(San Marcos, CAlifornia)

We bought a 2 year old sun conure about 8 months ago. My husband is the one that picked him out and he loved everyone. He was bought for my son, who spent 100% of the time with him the first 3 days. On the 4th day he went out with friends so I spent the day with the little guy. Well since then he will not let anyone else hold him and will attack anyone that comes near me. He bites my husband so badly that he bleeds. So, now this little bird, who I am so in love with, only likes me. What do I do? He is so sweet and cuddly and will let me do anything to him, but no one else can touch him at all.

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Dec 08, 2012
Sun Conure suddenly aggressive
by: Tracie

This happened with our Green Cheeked Conures. It is very hard to accept a bird's rejection when you love the bird so much, I know. Our birds loved me until they reached maturity and then they would attack me at any given opportunity.

We have a story about how my husband was able to train them to stop attacking me on our Parrot Training page and also some other helpful training articles and parrot health articles you may find helpful.

Dec 07, 2012
Sun Conure Aggresion
by: Linda

Welcome to Parrot Land. Parrots pick their favorite human in the family and sometimes only allow that person to handle them. There are several ways to work around this, and I'll try to go into this as much as 3,000 words will allow.

Have son and husband use a perch to get bird in and out of cage. If bird has an outside perch or playtop on cage, have them put him up there and take him down when time to go into cage. Also, if his wings are not clipped, this will have to be done by an Avian Vet ONLY. Only have them clip the 4-6 Primary Flight Feathers which are the long ones at the ends of each wing. To clip higher causes chronic pain and suffering, so just the primaries will be fine. What this does is keep him from flying all over the place and getting hurt or huring someone. It is also of psychological value in that bird no longer feels he runs the show so to speak. Birds are flock animals, and their humans become their flock. The bird will run your entire household if it is allowed, so make sure he is always kept at adult eye level in or out of cage. In bird flocks, the leader is the one who is higher than all the others, so the eye level idea is very good for letting him know his place in your flock.

Have husband and son do some of the feeding, watering and cleaning which helps to endear a human to the bird. The ones who take care of bird's needs are seen as valuable allies to have, so give that a try.

The simple truth is that he may always like you better, and will hopefully get used to other people in the family too. Make sure they always use a perch to pick him up and put him somewhere until he has stopped biting. All birds bite too, and the object is to keep this down to a bare minimum.

Sudden changes in behavior also can indicate a possible illness, so you will want to have him examined by an Avian Vet for infections or other physical issues. Once he is either cleared or diagnosed and treated, you may find his biting stops or lessens to one degree or another. Sick birds or birds incubating an infection get very cranky, and will single out the soft, loving human to become best friends with because they are easy for bird to deal with. In this case, the very nice Lady is the one he has chosen.

Let us know what avian vet has to say and how everything is going. Also talk with avian vet about all this too as they will be able to offer their educated opinion in the matter.


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