Amy's hand fed her Sun Conure while driving an 18 wheeler.

This Sun Conure turned out to be a great baby sitter for other baby birds Amy has raised.

Sun Conure Photo Picture Sun Conure Photo Picture Sun Conure Photo Picture Sun Conure Photo Picture

This is California Sunset, Cali for short. He is my male Sun Conure. His hatch date is April 12, 2003. He came to me on April 26, 2003 when he was just 2 weeks old.

He was pulled from the nest the day before I got him. The breeder flew him up from Florida personally to Manchester, NH. I picked him up at the airport and took him with me over the road. I was driving 18 wheeler at the time.

To keep him warm I kept my bunk heater on high and had him in a wicker basket with pine shavings in it. I stopped every 4 hours to feed him. He stayed in the truck with me from April 26th until June 4th. On June 4th I took a local driving job and took him with me every day.

I retired from driving in November 2003. When I retired I had 6 birds and took 4 with me each day. Cali is pretty special to me. He is the first bird I got after being forced to give up my flock in 2002.

Cali has a special way with baby birds of any species. He babysat 2 baby Amazons I had in a brooder and would scream if one of the babies flipped over on his back. He would keep screaming until I went in and flipped him back over.

He also saved a baby from sure death by alerting me something was wrong. This time it was a baby Parrotlet. He screamed and I checked on the baby. The baby was not breathing and I thought for sure I had lost him. But because of Cali I was able to perform CPR on the baby and rub him to stimulate him and brought him back.

He was a hero that day and was rewarded with special treats and lots of new toys. His cage mate and best buddy is Weebles a 3 year old Orange Wing Amazon.

These 6 birds were not the first I had ever owned. Prior to that I had been a breeder of Love Birds and Parakeets. I also had 3 other Amazons and some Conures and a Pionus that I was forced to give up in a bad marriage. I have been raising birds since the 90's.

Besides Amazons I also have a Molluccan Cockatoo, a Brown Headed Parrot, a Red Belly female, a Sparrow, a Rainbow Lory, a Quaker and 4 Conures. The Conures are a 21 year old White Eye Female, 2 Sun Conures, one male, one female, and a Nanday Conure.

Amazons are my passion but my love is for all birds. I have many rescue birds, most of which can not be placed in homes as pets. The ones who can, I have placed with loving families.

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