Sun Conure and Eclectus

by Jake

I already have a sun conure, he is almost 4 month old. Can I put him in the same cages with a macaw or eclectus? Thank you!! :]

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Oct 24, 2014
by: Anonymous

If you have a conure and a larger bird DO NOT put them together. You can read many horror stories online about birds that are fine one minute, and then something terrible happens the next. The size difference is huge. No matter how gentle you may think the bigger bird is, the minute he/she gets annoyed and gives a warning bite, it could injure or kill your conure, even if the big bird did not mean to actually hurt the smaller bird.

PLEASE, even if the birds show no signs of agression at all towards each other, DO NOT let them live in the same cage, and NEVER leave them out together unsupervised. Always supervise them when they are together, because the grey/eclectus is so much stronger, and things can go wrong in an instant.

Dec 11, 2009
thank u all
by: Anonymous

thank you everyone for your help!! my sun conure is now playing on my shoulder. :]

Dec 10, 2009
by: Anonymous

I agree I would be very careful with those two sized birds.
I have a green cheek conure and a blue headed pionus parrot and after being seperate for about a year they have now been the best of friends and are in the same cage for 2 years now. My conure sleeps on top of my pionus back and hangs on to the cage at the same time !! It is real cute they preen each other and come out all day and are still very palyful with me!!!
I wish you luck I find you can never guess which types of birds will get along untill you have them in the same house, I also have a alexandrine parakeet who hates everybody and barely comes out!! So you never know, Good luck!!!

Dec 09, 2009
Sun Conure and Eclectus
by: Linda

Jake, thanks for writing. NO YOU CANNOT PUT ANY OF THOSE BIRDS TOGETHER. IN FACT, YOU CANNOT PUT THE CONURES TOGETHER EITHER. Each bird has to have its own cage until the birds get to know one another which takes a long time. The Macaws need huge cages costing up to $1,000, so you probably need to concentrate on the smaller birds. If you already have a conure, I suggest you get another conure and also get him his own cage with natural wood perches, food and water dishes and toys.

It would be an excellent idea for you to get some books and other reading material you can find here and on the internet about your Sun Conure. You need to learn everything you can about your bird. If your bird is new to you, you also need to take him to an Avian vet in your area to make sure he is healthy. Birds get infections from being moved around as it is stressful for them. He also needs to be on a high quality organic pelleted diet as an all seed diet is very poor quality nutrition, and your bird will get sick in time if he's not already. There are several kinds of organic pellets out here, and they are all good for your bird. My Amazons eat Harrison's and have for many years, so I can say it is a very good diet. They also have a little of the Golden Feast pellets mixed in, and those are very good as well.

Again, thanks for writing, and have a very nice Holiday Season,

Dec 09, 2009
Sun & Eclectus
by: Anonymous

I don't recommend it. You have 3 very different size birds there, not to mention different species.

Same size and/or preferably same species are best suited to being housed together.

I have a sun conure & an eclectus. Sun conures can be EXTREMELY cage territorial where eclectus are not. Any cage a sun conure is in is there's & there's only. Eclectus occasionally like to retreat to their cage for some peace & quiet. All 3 of these birds you've mentioned also require LARGE space each.

All 3 of these species birds should be in their own cages.

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