Sun conure and Green Cheek Conure Breeding?

by Kimberly
(Odessa, TX)

I got my Sun Conure 5 years ago and my Green cheek Conure 3 years ago. I had them both DNA tested as soon as I got them. My Sun is a male. I was told my Green Cheek was a male as well so I put them together. A few days ago the green cheek laid eggs. I never intended to breed originally. I never would have put them together had I known but after 3 years I can't bear to separate them. I can only find one instance online where this pairing bred successfully. How likely is it for them to successfully make a baby?

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Feb 10, 2014
Conures breeding
by: Tracie

Ooops, I had a GC conure I thought was a male too, until HE laid eggs. DNA testing is the only sure way to know, in the future.

I don't know that there are any statistics, but the fact remains that they can have young. I suspect you are keeping them in separate cages now? If not, then make sure your birds are eating Harrison's High Potency pellets, so she doesn't even have a chance at becoming egg bound.

Also, purchase some fake eggs, so you can toss the eggs as she lays them and replace them with fake eggs. That way you are not bringing more hybrids into the mix and potentially having to stay up night and day feeding babies if they don't care for their young and you will avoid high vet bills also.

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