Sun Conure and Monk Parrot

by Ray

Can I keep them together? I already have a 4-month sun conure. Can I get another quaker (monk) parrot and keep them together? Would the bond with each other and not interact with me? Please reply asap. Thank you!!!

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Dec 28, 2009
Conure andn monk parrot
by: Anonymous

There are no guarantees they will get along. I brought my conure home at 3 months, and her and my quakers tolerate eachother when out in the bird room, but there is no way they will ever be able to be caged togethher. My quaker Jade was preening my conure and I was just thinking of caging together when all of a sudden, my quaker rejected my conure. If they had been in the same cage it would have been a bloodbath. My advice would be to let all birds reach sexual maturity before considering this, as hormones play a huge part in the day to day "getting along" I would be very very careful.

Dec 21, 2009
Sun Conure and Monk Parrot
by: Linda

The combination could work as for them getting along, but please do not put them together in the same cage. Put the new bird into his own cage. Birds have to get to know one another very well BEFORE they can be caged together if they ever can. It would be easier and better for training if they are kept in separate cages all the time.

So, get another cage and get it set up for the new bird. Also, take the new bird to an Avian Vet BEFORE you put it in same room as your other bird. Birds harbor infections, and they are vulnerable to them when being moved around from one place to another. So, take him in for an Avian Vet visit BEFORE you put them in same room. If you do not follow this suggestion, and the new bird has an infection, then your other bird will also get it and both will have to go in for a visit, diagnosis and meds. If you did not take your other bird into an Avian Vet when you got him, he could also be harboring infections, so you may wish to take both birds in same time and then you'll know they are both healthy.

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