Sun conure baby had crooked neck, normal?

by Michelle Martin
(Toledo, Ohio Lucas)

Sunshine had crooked neck

Sunshine had crooked neck

I want to know if it is normal that one of my babies bird sun conures they turned 3 weeks old, noticed one of baby had crooked neck and all way back on back.. not same other 2 babies like this. 2 babies seem normal and support their own neck. but one baby is not.. but it still alive and well feed from my hand feed. when I fed one baby with support the neck while I feed him. his neck still all way back on back and crooked since 3 weeks, still alive!! feed well.. Maybe could be birth defect. Need Help!!

I will be glad to send you pix to show you to see the babies necks.

Let me know..


Michelle Martin

( you can see pix that 3 babies ~ One of my hand is sunshine that had crooked neck and 2 babies on towel they look normal. )

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Jul 15, 2009
Baby bird with crooked neck
by: The Vet

It is a birth defect and possible correctable if you have him seen immediately.

Dr B

Jul 13, 2009
Birth Defect
by: Linda

This sounds like a deformity from birth, and you need to take this baby to an Avian Vet in your area as quickly as you can. The vet can then take an xray of babies' spine and see if this can be fixed or what kind of life this baby will have. If you are handfeeding, please be using a dry handfeeding formula that you add water to, warm up some and feed with a syringe or small spoon that has sides bent like a funnel. If you are doing this any other way, the baby or babies will not get enough food. Tracie has some of the handfeeding formula out here if you need it.

Please, please take this baby to the Avian Vet as soon as you can get an appointment. There may be something they can do to get his neck straightened out. If you wait for much longer, there will be nothing to be done for him, and I assume he is in some pain with this problem.

Let us know what your vet says about it soon as you can.


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