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Jun 16, 2009
1st time owner
by: Anonymous

i have just bought a green cheek conure, can anyone tell me, do they talk, mine is only 6 months old, but we are his 3rd home. but he is very friendly

Editors note: You need to post questions on the Parrot Questions form instead of doing it as a response to another person's question.

Aside from that, "yes" they can learn to "talk" but most people do not recognize what they are saying. It is rare for them to be understood by visitors, as far as I know.

Apr 14, 2009
by: katie gadsby-haner

Hey! i own some budgies!i am a girl and i will be ten in like four months. They are both hadicapped (well, sort of) One is missing a toenail and one is REALLY scared of people. Good to hear a fellow bird lover!:)

Sep 11, 2008
by: Anonymous

I also had a bird when i was quite young.
Its great that you know how to look after you bird.

Dec 16, 2007
good job
by: Anonymous

im kind of just like u i just got a green cheeked conure named pockie im still learning and im only 12 but she is very playfull.

Oct 09, 2007
Great story!
by: Daryl

Great story and it's wonderful that you are learning how to take good care of your bird! You are very wise to give grown ups good advice about thinking very carefully before getting a bird for their children. Keep up the good work!

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