Sun conure belly

by Cecilia sacilotto
(Queensland, australia)

I notice some blood on my sun conure, i put some betadene on it twice, he is sharing his cage
With a peachface lovebird, n do always mock around, he doesnt seem sick he's still playfull, is alright?

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Sep 10, 2012
Sun conure belly
by: Linda

Both the Conure and Lovebird are aggressive birds, and to have them in the same cage is asking for trouble for the birds. Please move one of the birds into his/her own cage because the fighting will mean death to one or the other, and my money is on the smaller one.

Before putting any kind of birds together, read, study and understand their basic temperaments beforehand to keep from making this same kind of mistake. All birds cannot live with all other kinds of birds. Some are docile and peaceful and some are aggressive and driven to fight. You do not want two of those together nor do you want an aggressive with a docile one either.

A good rule to follow is to provide each bird with a comfortable safe cage so they can see each other and interact but not live with each other. Even birds of the same species and temperament do not always get along, so never put a strange bird in with another until they know each other and show they like each other. Most cages are just not large enough for mistakes in this area which means one or more will die or be hurt very badly requiring the services of an Avian Vet. All birds need to be taken to avian vet when sick or injured and at least once a year to make sure they are staying healthy.


Sep 09, 2012
Sun Conure bleeding
by: Tracie

Dr B can not tell if the bird is alright or if it will get an infection, sorry. Only an in person visit will answer this question. If the other bird is attacking this bird or they fight each other, you need to put them in separate cages.

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