sun conure bites

by bek

mi sun conure loves to go on your sholder and wen i trie to get him to step on mi figer her bites me evin thow i blow in his fase

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Jul 13, 2009
by: Linda

I just have to ask you WHY ARE YOU BLOWING IN HIS FACE? This does not do anything except make them mad. Wouldn't you get made is someone started blowing in your face? I would, most certainly, bite them as hard as I could!

Anyway, stop letting him on your shoulder. I know you see and hear about birds riding on people's shoulders, and it is not safe to carry any bird this way, especially the larger parrots like the conures, amazons, etc.

When birds get that "tall" or "high", they start to feel in charge of you. They become "the boss of you" in their minds. In the bird world, the bird that is higher up is the "boss" bird and can tell all the others what to do and when.

Keep bird on your hand when holding him or on a stick or perch if you want to. Just stop letting him go to your shoulder. Be gentle with him, and when he starts climbing your arm to your shoulder, gently let your arm down, say no, and pick him up with the other hand. You will need to keep doing this move until he learns that he is not allowed on your shoulder. I have seen extremely bad bites occur when people let their birds on their shoulders. Sometimes, they become afraid or jealous of someone, and will bite you very badly.

PS No more blowing in his face will make a difference too in whether he bites you or not.

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