Sun conure biting problem

by Melanie

Hello! I have a quick question. I have a 9 mo old Sun Conure. He absolutely refuses to quit biting. He bites all the time. I try to play with him. He likes to roll over on his back so when I try to scratch his belly, he bites me. He bites my ear when he's on my shoulder and today, he bit me so hard, he split my nail. I'm very gentle with him. I give his beak a very light squeeze because that's what I was told to do from the pet store, and put him in time out for 10 minutes or so. He ALWAYS wants out of his cage but he always wants to bite when I get him out. What do I do?? I'm wanting to get another one but I need to get his biting under control first. Please help!!

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Nov 24, 2014
biting conure
by: Tara

We have two Conures, one Nanday and the other Jenday. They are very close to the type you have. I have found them to use biting to communicate. Have a vet trim his beak a bit so it doesn't do much damage. But our conures can be territorial too. They pick one person to bond with. Then they will try to "protect" their person from others. One tip I have because mine started randomly attacking me: If you yell out in pain or scream "no"they get even more excited. They love noise. so he bites more. I find that if I have a towel or blanket I quickly but gently grab him and wrap him up and say, "No. We don't bite. That hurts." Then I put him back in his cage for a while. i hope this helps.

Nov 24, 2014
Sun Conure biting
by: Tracie

Please visit our Parrot Training page for help in training your bird. There are a few article on biting there.

If you get another bird, it is possible that they will bond with each other, and you will not be able to handle either of them, just so you know.

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