sun conure crop

by Kirsten
(Victoria Australia)

i have a sun conure and he is about 1 year old. his crop has been swolen or full all day today and i have put some broad spectrum antibiotics in his water as a safety measure. he seems to be fluffing up more than usual and i think he might be sick.

what could this be? i have read up on some diseases commonly found in conures and haven't found anything.

his droppings are normal and he is eating normally.

am i just worried over nothing?


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Sep 29, 2009
sun conure crop
by: kirsten

i have taken my sun conure into the vet today. he is testing for a number of things. i reluctantly had to leave him there but i trust that vet, i have taken other birds to him before.
he said he will have some results back today and more in a few days. he is hoping to begin treatment immediately as soon as he knows what is causing him to be so sick.

fingers crossed that he will be ok.
thanks for all the advice you have given me and i will update you on how he went.


Sep 29, 2009
No antibiotics in water for your bird!
by: The Vet

Immediately discontinue the antibiotics in the water. They are no going to help and will probably cause problems. You need to take him to see an avian veterinarian immediately. This could be caused by a blockage, which is life threatening. There are other causes as well but you need to have some diagnostics done to determine the cause then provide treatment. Antibiotics may be necessary but never use over the counter antibiotics or other drugs for birds.

Dr B

Sep 29, 2009
by: kirsten

hey thank you, i have a avian vetrenarian about 2.5 hours away and i have a day off the day after tomorrow and will be taking him into the vet then. i know he is not well as he is always puffed up now. his crop has gone down a little but he still doesn't look right and isn't happy as usual.
i also have a rainbow lorikeet in close proximity to the conure's cage. is it worth taking both into the vet just in case? i am worried that the lorikeet has it too and hiding it well and not showing signs of anything yet.

i am so worries and i know that my conure must be very sick to be showing it. i am so worried. i dont wanna lose him :(


Sep 28, 2009
Conure crop
by: Linda

No, you are NOT worried over nothing. Your bird needs to be seen by an Avian Vet so he can be diagnosed and treated for whatever infection he may have. Antibiotics given at home can do more harm than good, especially as for their kidneys and livers. Broad spectum usually means an antibiotic that hits their systems hard and have to be processed by the kidneys and liver.

If possible, take your bird to an Avian vet if you have one near enough to you or within travel distance if not.

This could be a viral infection, tumor or something else, and the antibiotics you are giving will do nothing against a viral infection.

Let us know how trip to vet goes, and how your little bird is doing.


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