This is Dee’s Sun Conure.

Her Sun Conure is strikingly beautiful.

Sun Conure Picture
Lou’s Portrait

He was formerly called Lucy, named for another redheaded clown, but by the time I got the DNA results back, 'she' was already saying 'her' name, lol!

He was hand fed, but I got him at 12 weeks, and he has always been nippy.

He is much better since he got older, more mello, but among my fids, he is certainly the most 'outspoken'! lol! Not the loudest noise maker, but certainly the most often!

He says a few words fairly clear, but mostly just likes to sit on my shoulder rubbing his head on my shoulder, face, and clothes. He loves his Happy Hut, I have to make sure to check it for fraying daily.

Once when his HH broke, and I had to remove it, I had to wait a few days to get another one, and you should have seen him rubbing his little face all over it when I hung it up. It was the cutest thing!

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