sun conure died suddenly

by Lori
(Hastings, MN, USA)

Cleaned my sun conures cage last night. She was active and walking on the floor and chatting as she usually does. When I came home from work tonight, I started to put fresh food and water in the cages for my birds. When I went into my sun conures cage she was sitting on the bottom with two bloody eggs. I picked her up right away and noticed a considerable amount of blood around her bottom. she was listless and breathing hard. I quickly wrapped her in a towel and turned on a heating pad to warm her a bit, but I was to late.

I examined her cage and found a third egg, which I know is normal, but they were very bloody. I am wondering if perhaps her death is related to laying her eggs so close together with no rest period. I thought they usually laid one every other day.

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Jun 13, 2018
My Jenday conure and pineapple died all of a sudden.
by: Anonymous

It was a heartbreaking moment for us when my 2 birds died suddenly. I just fed them 45 minutes back , they both were fine and there were no signs of any illness . My Jenday conure (Rafa) was just 10month old and my pineapple (mili) was only 4 months, too young to go all of a sudden. I am trying hard to recollect what happened. I gave them berries and pineapple and some almonds as that was there favorite. When I put them in cage they were okay and after 40 min I heard a sudden screeching sound, ran and saw my Mili was already dead and Rafa was taking her last breath. She died in 1 minuet in my hand. What had happened? No clue. Totally lost without them. They were so sweet and blow whistles and now my home is so quite. I am lost and depressed

Editor's note: Oh my! It may not be related to food at all. It could be something toxic they breathed. Air spray, candles and the like can kill them. The fumes from baking or frying with Teflon can kill them. But it's possible that some toxic chemical was in the food too, maybe a chemical sprayed on them.

May 30, 2018
My conure just passed away
by: Anonymous

My sunconure passed away..I just hope so..I am not at my home so my mom called and said that she was too sick the other day..was pooping blood....the next day she was twisting with thought she stuck her we took her to the vet..but he wdnt even touch her..just said she's said she's about the verge of's a he actually..and ain't eating or drinking anything...she gave her to her friend whom she brought her from.she said she doesn't want to see her dyng..neither do i
..I know she's dead..bcoz mom won't tell I would be broke..but I know..and m so throat feels like bursting she's just about 6 months...I loved her Soo much..

May 25, 2018
by: Sean

I awoke to my Nanday Conure, Piper, on the bottom of his cage gasping. He walked onto my hand weakly, struggling to find balance. I moved him gently to his carrier while my mother was phoning nearby vets but while on the phone he fell into a very violent seizure and passed shortly after in my hands. Like many others here, our Piper appeared just fine the day before. Words simply do not describe the grief of losing him. May he be flying freely with the rest of our loved pets who are no longer here with us.

Dec 01, 2017
Found my son conure dead 1 year old
by: Anonymous

So broken
We found our sun conure dead this morning😰😰😰
Was only one year old
So broken no words can explained the pain😰😰😰

Oct 04, 2017
My sunny Bambo died 10/1/17
by: Christine

Hé (actually she but I didn't know that until he laid an egg at age 7, so she is still à he to us) died after my Umbrella Cockatoo attacked him. I gave her away the same day. He was ten, she was 25, I adopted her when she was 16.

I am so sorry that I gave her to the bird store...they knew her because we occasionally boarded them there for when we went on vacation, very rarely. I didn't know what to do with Sissy My cockatoo, oh they are rejoined i feel deep sorrow, why what how I'm at a loss he was ten only ten

May 09, 2017

Tonight my three year old Sun Conure passed away suddenly. It lives inside, was in perfect health, and was active all day. There was nothing new in my home. The only thing that I can think is that my wife cooked using parsley. Can the fumes from parsley kill a conure? I am devastated. It was a male, and he just looked like he was drunk and then he just keeled over and died. My son is destroyed as is my wife and myself. If anyone knows what can cause these Sun Conures to die suddenly please let me know, as I would like to buy another one. Thank you and my condolences to all of you that have suffered the loss of a loved pet......

Apr 08, 2017
My Sun Conure died from laying an infertile egg.

My Sun Conure was 10 she laid her first egg Thursday and died Friday. I am heartbroken. She was hiding in het hut and only came out once for a drink. When I took her to the vet they said laying the egg depleted her calcium and she was dehydrated. They put her in an incubator gave her oxygen and fluids. She started dancing and acting normal again. They said to leave her over night shed be better there. I left a half hour later they called to tell me she had a seizure and died. I am beyond heartbroken. When I was holding her for vet tech she was twitching I told vet tell vet. Found out after the fact that's a warning sign for a seizure or stroke. I miss my beautiful girl.

Editor's note: I'm sorry for your loss. You can keep this from happening in the future by feeding your bird a high quality pellet like Harrison's or Roudybush for 80% of their diet.

Dec 21, 2016
Thank you, and more thoughts
by: Captain_Tom

I want to thank the kind words I received from a couple people here, and also wish other people wellness after their recent losses.

It really does seem like birds hate help, and pass quickly and suddenly. Silly little creatures.

It sucks too because like another person said they really do become a part of your family, especially with their long lifespans that can consume most of your life (Over half of mine).

There is a certain intelligence you can see in a parrots eyes that you only see in hyper intelligent dogs, dolphins, monkeys, and humans. It's like their really looking back at you. Best wishes everyone.

Dec 21, 2016
by: Anonymous

Our Sun Conure of 5 years died out of the blue yesterday. He was active and fine all day. I was wondering why he got so quiet all of a sudden. When i went to look for him his was on the floor of his cage. We picked him up and he was breathing really heavy then he just passed away. i have no idea what the heck just happened. So upset. I thought these birds lived a long life.

Editor's note: So many things can happen. If the bird gets out of the cage it may chew something toxic, if it gets on the floor it may pick up a disease you brought in on your shoes from outside, if you use air fresheners or cook with Teflon the bird may die from breathing toxic air. Genetics play a role too. So sorry for your loss.

Oct 01, 2016
Jake, My Sun Counure Died Today
by: Anonymous

He seemed fine last night and this morning when I gave him his fruit. He cslled out his "bath sounds"
so I took him his bath water. He then fell of his perch and laid on the bottom of the cage with his wings spread. I talked to him and he did climb back to his perch. He fell again and was able to climb back up again. He fell the third time - he cried out with s sound I have never heard him do before and then he died. Do you think he may have had a heart attack? he had no other symptoms of illness of any kind. He was around 25 years old and I have owned him for 16 years. My heart is broken.

Jul 24, 2016
RIP Gaew
by: Ae

I can't stop crying while reading all the comments. I totally understand. My sunny just passed away yesterday. I didn't know how to deal with this sadness. I had my sunny Gaew for 15 years. I don't know how old she was when I got her. She'd been with me for half of my life. Two weeks ago, I saw her poo uncommon. I searched for a way to take care of diarrhea. I fed her apple cider vinegar for a week. Her poop looked normal but still she had a hard time pooping so I took her to see the vet. The vet found yeast and bacteria in her poop. The clinic assigned 3 little bottles of antibiotics and . I tried to fed her but she always refused to take it. I forced her to take medicine again since I read some blog that her bird gets well after 3 days of taking medicine. She puked medicine and her food out every times I fed her medicine but I just hoped that some part of medicine could help. After a week, she lost so much weight and sleep a lot. I took her to the vet again and told the vet that she refused to take medicine. They inject some medicine and put her in a wrapped basket and had streamed medicine for 20 minutes. She screamed once after 5 minutes. When I open the basket she looked so tired. I thought she would get better but she seemed worse. I took the basket home and put it into her cage and put her food and water next to her since I didn't want to interrupt her sleep. I though she was tired from waiting long line to see the vet and traveling forth and back. We came back home around 1am. Two hours after I went to look at her and she was alive. I told her if I wasn't going to see her again, please know that I loved her so much. I waited until morning so that I could get some mandarine for her. It's her favorite food and easy to eat in her condition. I left home at 5.45am and get her some mandarine and went to her cage but she was death. I was crying and buried her. She is the love of my life. She fulfilled my everyday. Her cage is so empty now. Please raise in peace Gaew. You will be missed and you will always be in my heart.

Jul 19, 2016
Rainbow lory
by: Sandy

I know exactly how you feel about Phoebe. I lost my lory two years ago this month on the 27th. of July unexpectedly and I still tear up when I think of him. He was an energetic, comical parrot as well as smart. He talked and understood many things. Parrots are such intelligent creatures and when we loose them it's like loosing a member of your family. I had my lory for 18 years and got him when he was 14 weeks old. His life expectancy was 30ish which made it even harder. I am so sorry for your loss. In time you will feel better but you will always have a soft spot in your heart for Phoebe. Take care.

Jul 19, 2016
by: Captain_Tom

Phoebe just passed away 1 hour ago. My mom found her barely moving in her cage, and so I came over to check her.

For a while she was still alive, but moving very slowly and not as warm as usual. We fed her some sugar water and she started trying to chirp...

Then I got my brother and we held her for a little before she suddenly convulsed and died. She passed while held by the person who chose her 14 years ago.

Before I got my house. Before I graduated college. Before I entered middle school. Over half of my life she was with me, and now she was gone.

She used to make a noise that sounded like laughter when we watched funny movies. She will be missed. 7 - 19 - 2016.

Jul 07, 2016
by: Nicole

Our little green cheek dilute Alice passed today. She was my daughter Jessa's and playmate to our Sun conure Neiko. She was a little over a year old and seemed ok yesterday, perhaps wanting a bit more attention looking back... So sad, not sure how I'll tell Jessa when she gets back... Opted not to get autopsy so we can bury her and Jessa can say her goodbyes. Sad day here, best snuggle bird ever, we ❤️ you Alice 😔

Oct 19, 2015
Baby bird Shadow
by: Meg

On Saturday October 17th 2015 I lost my green cheek. Whatever it was was sudden. He was acting strange most of that day. Not eating, drinking alot of water. I hand fed him an apple, which he ate. I sat him on top of other birds cage and he started to fall backwards, so I held him. He tgen let out a scream and went into convulsions and died right after. Didn't have a necropsy done. And have no bird vet close to me so even if I started to take him he probably wouldn't have survived the trip. Miss him so much

Aug 02, 2015
Marty, my baby!!
by: Sheila

I have had my sun conure for 10 years. Not sure how old he was when I got him. He died yesterday around 2 pm. Fell off his cage and wasn't moving. Normally he would go to the leg of his cage and climb back up or I would go get him and he would climb on my finger and i would put him back on top of his cage. He did clasp my finger and when I put him on his cage, he was wobbly. Losing his balance. I picked him up and his eyes kept shutting . I was crying so hard and petting him, telling him to hang on and I love you. He did fight for a couple minutes then his eyes closed and his head went down in my hands. I am still crying now. Thank goodness for my job. Even though I replay every second in my head over and over again. My job helped keep me focused some. I still don't have all his stuff gone and its killing me to see it. My husband is taking it away tomorrow. I miss him more than anything ever in my life. Can't afford a necropsy so I will wonder what happened to him the rest of my life. This site kind of helped me. I know I'm not the only one. This is a horror. No one should feel this pain. So sorry for all of you who have been through this. I can't have kids and I am a huge huge huge animal lover. My animals are as much to me as kids are to parents. Happy days ahead. I know it can only get better with time. Thank you all.

Jun 07, 2015
rainbow lory died
by: Sandy

I had an 18 yr. old rainbow lory named rainbow. I lost him July 27, 2014. I was told he had a liver infection. He was at the avian clinic when he died. He was there for 6 days. I am crushed that he was not home with me when he died. My heart is totally broken. It's been almost 11 months and I am still grieving for him. I cry everyday and can't believe he's gone. The house is so quiet. It's really hard not having him here. Long story short, he had a life expectancy of 30 years and I feel he was cheated out of a longer life. I am having a hard time coping with his loss for various reasons and can not figure out where he might have picked up such a deadly infection to take his life. The emotional pain is over whelming. The loss for me was as though I lost a family member. I loved him so much. It took me 18 years to become friends, playmates, companions and to understand and trust each other. And now he's gone.

May 12, 2015
The loss of a friend
by: Eric

Our Sun Conure "Scamp" was 14 months old when he passed. Always lively and loving. On a Thursday we came home from work to find him sleeping (this never happens as he is always wound up anticipating our arrival). Within an hour or so he starts bobbing his head (which later would dramatically increase, a result of balance problems). The next morning he seemed no better, so we took him to emergency avian vet. They deemed there to be a vitamin A and D deficiency, resulting in a compromised immune system (although we were feeding him a very balanced diet). They gave a vitamin shot, an antibiotic and took blood and stool samples. So back home we went with Scamp, to wait for the results found from samples and hope his condition would improve. Conditions worsened (balance and constant lethargy/sleep). Tuesday morning we found him dead.A few hours later the vet called with results from bloodwork. They found nothing. I chose not to do a necropsy, although in hindsight i wish i had, as i find myself going over and over what possibly could have killed him. There is such an empty space in our house now. We miss you Scamp.

Apr 29, 2015
by: Tim

My Sunny died today suddenly at the age of 20, I got her when she was 10. I heard an unusual screaming noise and feather flutter and when I got to her she was dead. I am going to miss the morning
squawks and loving snuggles, I have lost 2 birds in 10 years and it is devastating, I can;t go through it anymore and will probably not get another, the pain of death is too much. I love you sunny.

Jan 29, 2015
Pedro " My Sunshine "
by: Diane

I hand fed my Pedro and enjoyed every minute of him for the short time that he was mine.Pedro loved to crawl down my shirt and pop his head out the top collar and explore our world while in the safety he shared with being soo close to his Mama.Pedro would preen the feathers of his big sister "Baby"(Cockatoo ) and preen my eye brows also. She liked to share cage's with Hugo,his little brother (cockatiel)and would perch to look over her canine family (Halfpint, Fancy and Gizmo).Pedro came down with a lung virus and fought the battle until this morning when she went to God.My eye's are full of tears as I type this and my heart is heavy with sorrow dear friend,may the angels keep you happy and enjoy your song until we cuddle again - love you ~Mama

Jan 23, 2015
by: Anonymous

A few weeks ago, our bird started molting. He seemed perfectly normal and fine. I put him away last night and he was fine. I then went off to school like I always do every morning. When I came home, my mom told me she had found him dead in his hidey hut this morning after dropping us off. I am crying on and off for him bye was such a sweet, innocent bird who didn't deserve this at all. He was also very young, at around 5 1/2 years old. I miss him more than words can express, and would give absolutely anything including my life to get him back.

I understand your pain and am so, so sorry for your loss. Stay strong, but don't be afraid to let it all out. Crying is a liberating experience with no shame or judgement attached. Know that the world is here for you and we love you so much.

Jan 03, 2015
RIP Warfee miss you loads!!!
by: Sonia

Miss you my beautiful warfee got you when I was 10 and had you for 12 years can't believe you've gone I miss you so much and will love you forever 31/10/02--03/01/15 RIP xx

Dec 08, 2014
by: Anonymous

My best of the best Sun Conure Lucky died 11/20/2014. He was truly my sunshine. He was very special to me. He loved to dance and kiss. I loved him so much, I had him for 7 1/2 years.
I loved him he was a sweetheart truly a teddy bear. He love to drink apple juice and loved almond. He smelled like a popcorn.... I will miss my sunshine my sweetheart LUCKY... His favorite song

Dec 07, 2014
Dec 7 2014
by: Steven monte forte

In memory of my loved sun conure. We will miss you so much Phoenix i don't know why it had to be you an not me I love you so much.

Dec 04, 2014
Good night, Charlie!
by: Bogdan

Our beloved 4 months old sun conure Charlie just passed away and we are all in shock!!! He was in his sleeping place and we just heard a thump and found him down. He died in spite of all our efforts to resuscitate him.... What could have happened? We have no idea... He has been very lively and his own self the whole day....
We will miss you very much, Charlie!! We love you and hope you can see us from where you are...

Dec 01, 2014
Sweet Joey
by: Jen

My daughter said, come quick Mommy, something's wrong with Joey. Sometime during the night Joey had slipped away. Still sitting in his fleecy hut, he had passed very quietly.
We hade our Mighty Joe for 13.5 years. Before we married, before the children.
We let the kids go off to school today and said goodbye to him underneath the ponderosa pine. We put him in a special box on which we had all written our love and goodbyes.
He was flights and last week he saw me eating a snack, flew over, ate some and then flew home. It was our last bonding time.
My son wrote the best comment on his final resting box. I hope you are a Phoenix in heaven.
He was a classroom pet, a home companion and a curious rascal.
Miss you Joey. Our sun conure.

Nov 16, 2014
Snuggle bird
by: Jessica

You are Mommys little Sunshine bird and I miss you and will always love you. I will see you again someday. Snuggle night night bird.

Nov 16, 2014
Elvis Parsley
by: Sharon

My adorable Meyers parrot....5 years old.....bathed him this morning and put him in his towel like usual.....he died suddenly.....we will miss him so......we loved him dearly....he traveled with us everywhere.....we are at a loss as to what happened...if anyone has an back

Nov 08, 2014
my love
by: Anonymous

my wonderful and special sun conure benny suddenly died on nov 6th 2014. he was fine and then I went into the bathroom for a minute heard a thump and he was lying on the bottom of his house dead! the avian vet said he was shocked and did an autopsy and found nothing! it was probably his brain and he had an anyuesm.he was only 4 yrs old and the light of my life! my heart, my best friend and companion always! he loved me so much and I will never forget him! ben mommy wants you to know I loved and cherished you and my life will never be the same without you! r.i.p my love!

Oct 25, 2014
sun conure, Kie
by: Gavin

It was Thursday evening I went home and fed all the animals. I fed my sun Conure, Kie and gave him fresh water. My grandmother came and picked me up.

I am home schooled by my grandmother, and my mom and grandmother live on a 100 acres, So Friday morning I walked through the woods to my mom's house to feed the animals, since my mom did not have time to feed all our animals. When I got there I let out the dogs and walked to my room opened the door to see Kie dead on the floor of his cage. For a second I thought I was in a dream but when I realized I was not I went in to panic and started to cry.

He was a rescued bird. I had him for two and a half years. We had no idea how old he was. I take him to school with me every day, so I spend a lot of time with him. He seemed healthy and had food and water. His feathers and eyes looked great, and he was eating well.

Oct 01, 2014
by: Becca

My little sun conure, Soleil, passed away on Friday night/Saturday morning. She was such a sweet, gentle, and fragile little bird. I don't know what happened to her. The day before she was squaking and making all of her regular noise, and then on Saturday morning I found her upside down in her sleeping hut, eyes closed and lifeless. I cried all day. She was 11 years old...and I was expecting so many more years with her. I will miss her forever, as will her friend Diego (my white capped pionus)....he just sits in his cage and seems like he is grieving too. RIP Soleil. So sad. :(

Aug 16, 2014
Sunny Hopper died 8 months old.
by: s Crosthwait

Our Sunny hopper died last night. I woke up this morning and found him dead in the bottom of the cage he was only 8 months old. He loved being petted and snuggling. He had a great little peep.

I have been crying all morning. I just bought him 1 month ago from the pet store for a friend for my other sun conure Nibers. Me and my husband and son had a funeral this morning. Told him we will miss and love him forever.

I am sorry for everyone's loss of their babies. This site has given me a little peace because I thought we did something wrong that May have made him die. Rest in peace my little Sunny Hopper. 8-16-14. S.crosthwait

May 11, 2014
Sunny my love died on may 09
by: Anonymous

I left my two conures in local bird shop for couple of days because of some family issues. In a month I almost visited them 10 times, on my last visit sunny looked fine I spent some time with him, changed his food , played , we talked n then I came back . Two days later I got call from shop owner that Sunny died just now , he saw him on the floor n all of a sudden he died . I was and still I m devastated , had cremation yesterday only it was very hard to see him going now I feel empty n living with such a guilt that I could have saved his life.i don't know what happened to him. I had trusted the shop owner so much , even payed him good amount to take care of my baby till the time I come back. I love you sunny you were true angel , it's been 48 hours and I m still crying I wish I could have hugged you at least before you go. I got the other one back at home but I m left with empty space in my life which would never fill . I love you Sunny

Apr 20, 2014
Baby Conure passed.
by: LadyB

I lost my baby Jenday Conure today..on Easter. He was only about four weeks old. He was eating fine and thriving but he started to get lethargic last night..and he started making a clicking noise. I held him next to me and tried to keep him warm..but he did not make it.. I loved that little bird so very much. I think of him flying free now..RIP Hegarty..

Mar 30, 2014
R.I.P Crackers
by: vanessa v.

Im so sorry for your loss. I as well lost my beautiful, sweet half moon conure named Crackers today. Ive had him since 12-19-2005. He was such a sweet kind loving bird that touched my heart tremendously. He would spend all his time outside his cage, flying around and on my shoulder. He was such a cuddler and id spoil him with food. He was acting perfectly normal yesterday. Today I went downstairs in the morning at 11am to uncover him and I saw him laying lifeless on the ground of his cage. I screamed. Im 16, so I grew up with this bird. I called my mom at work and she came speeding home. We were devastated. I havent stopped crying, even 14 hours later at 1am im still crying every few minutes. I will miss him dearly, why did he have to go so soon? I love you Crackers, forever in our hearts.

Mar 18, 2014
bloody eggs
by: Dee

Chances are your Sun conure was becoming Egg bound....where she is struggling to lay the eggs and instead of a smooth laying, the eggs are getting stuck in the vent. She may have had a 4th egg that was stuck in the vent and therefore the reason she died.
So sorry for the loss of your feathered friend :'(

Jan 29, 2014
RIP Sun conure Subshine
by: SnkRazor

My pet sun conure named sunshine that I had her since I was 5 till now (16) and this morning she suddenly say on the bottom of the cage and made loud sounds I was not familiar of then she just died in front me and luckyboy(green cheek conure) which I didn't know what to do since I had to go to school and once I came home my dad and i had a mini funeral for it since it's part of our family for a long time and now Luckyboy is lonely and still looking for sunshine and making noises in the night time until he realize she's gone. :c I wasn't sure what was the cause of her death.

Jan 25, 2014
Sun Conure Suddenly Died
by: TerryS

The vet called me with results of specimen. The impression was cystic diverticulitis. The tissue that it came from was the reproductive system because the cells were ciliated meaning they have tails/projections that facilitate the movement of material/eggs out of the body. However no smoking gun. No source of infection except the elevated WBC count. The cyst was large, about half the size of the tip of a man's pinky finger. The size of the cyst could have pushed other organs to the side causing death but this is only speculative. This is not a typical case. The presenting symptoms, elevated WBC and self mutilative behavior, biting off nail and rapid demise are not typical. Clara was hospitalized within 14 hours of biting off nail which at first I thought was caused by trauma and noted while holding her I noted Clara picking at nail. Responded initially to antibiotics and tube feedings. The cyst was not cancerous. No indication infectious. Not found in liver, lungs or intestines. Not found in reproductive system. Could have been vascular or heart. Specimens of heart and brain not done. Lastly, could have been birth defect or genetic. The cyst had been there a long time based on size. Bottom line: no definitive direct cause of death. Not the results we were all expecting. I was hoping I could at least provide comfort to others but have not found that myself. Rest in peace Clara.

Jan 21, 2014
Sun Conure Died Suddenly
by: TerryS

My 5 year old sun conure Clara died January 7, 2014. These were the findings. Clara had laid a clutch of 5 eggs normally one every 4 days. Clara's was allowed to sit on eggs. Gradually removing egg one at a time. Clara was found with blood coming from nail she tore off left rear talon. Took her to vet and admitted. Her weight had dropped 10% since her last visit which was annual in August 2013. Her white blood cell count was 13 or 14 thousand. No outward signs of infection. Vet puzzled with Clara biting off nail and infection. Clara acted strange the night before. She would just bolt forward when disturbed. I held her during the night. Started her on antibiotics and protein tube feedings. X-rays revealed nothing. She declined rapidly. Admitted on Saturday January 4th, improved on Jan 5-6. Declined on January 7th AM. Expired at around 1:30 just before I got there because they notified me of the WBC remain elevated and knew serious. Autopsy. Clear tissue/mass in small intestine. Waiting for results of specimen of clear mass. I will post as soon as I find out and possibly bring some comfort knowing what is causing the occasional unpredictable rapid mortality of an other normal looking acting sun conure. I miss my baby.

Jan 12, 2014
My sunconure died suddenly
by: Cristian

Tonight on 1/11/14 my sunconure kiwi was being his normal self. He was almost a year old. He was playing in his cage when suddently he started acting strange. He started to loose his balance and he would just be still. I tried to play with him but he seemed he had no energy in him. He went into his little bed and became very sleepy. He then came out of his bed and was at the bottom of his cage. He would lay down on the cage motionless. He then moved around, screamed/ squawked and right before he dropped dead in his cage he made a small panting noise. His scream sounded so painful. I started crying and would not stop crying. I can't believe his gone. My appartment seems so empty without him. He was the love of my life. I loved him a lot. I would always tell my bird kiwi that he was an angel. He as a very unique bird. He had a lot of personality, he was always happy, full of energy. I will never forget you kiwi. You will always be in my heart. You will be missed.

Nov 19, 2013
RIP Jazz 18 years old
by: Norma Berg

Tonight Jazz screamed squawked and we run into his room and he is gone that fast, I am crying like a baby I have had him for 18 years and I do not know what happened he was fine and all of a sudden he is gone. Its just not fair I loved my bird and this loss is like loosing one of my kids. Jazz RIP momma loves you.

Nov 06, 2013
Goldcap Conure suddenly died
by: Anonymous

My sweet Rocky was so beautiful and had such personality. He was fine, acting normal, eating, playing.....last night I went in to feed him and my other two parrots, which are in seperate cages and fine....and there he was lifeless in the bottom of the cage. I am at a loss. Did I miss something? He was showing no signs of distress or that anything was wrong. My heart is broken. I'm glad that there are others out there that understand my pain and loss. He will be missed so much but I'm thankful for every day we had together.

Nov 04, 2013
I feel so much better
by: Anonymous

I want to thank everyone who posted there very sad stories of losing there beloved birds. I had my bird for sixteen yrs when he was attacked by my friends dog, we thought the cage was closed and locked and he opened it and the dog broke it's neck. I can not tell you how heart broken I am. I feel like I let my baby down and in a way I did. My husband went to buy me another bird and we took very good care of him. One morning he was playing with me and he just made a small sound and just died. I find it hard to believe that there are no warning or ways to prevent this from happening. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Editor's note: In the future if you want people to see and answer, you need to post a question, not an answer here to another question, on our Parrot Questions page.

Oct 31, 2013
RIP Mrs. Flowers - 10/31/2013
by: Anonymous

My 5 year old Sun Conure Mrs. Flowers died tonight . My heart is broken. I'm 57 years old and crying. I loved that bird. She was sitting on my shoulder, and kissing me on my cheek which she loved to do. I put her on top of her cage, and went to my bedroom. My wife saw her fall off the cage, and hit the floor. when I picked her up she was dead. Mrs. Flowers was a member of my family and will be missed.

Oct 26, 2013
R.I.P RICO 4/10-10/25/13

Woke up to a quiet house today! :'( Same like everyone on this board our sun conure "rico" died yestarday he was fine the night before. I am so broken hearted we had got him as a gift from my husbands grandfather after a visit to puerto rico thats why we named him "rico" with his crazy own personality liked giving kisses loved hiding and snuggling under any blanket or news paper you would ask him do you love me rico and he would nod yes during the summer he loved hanging out in our sun porch and you could hear him for will 4 EVER BE MISSED "RICO":-(

Oct 25, 2013
by: Anonymous

My sun conure Darling passed away yesterday. She was only 3 years old. She was so well taken care of. She had a fantastic personality, she danced, made adorable noises, kissed you on the cheek, also was very bossy. When we would sit down to eat dinner, she would scream out for food. She enjoyed all of her toys and her cage. Darling loved children and they loved her too. She was fine all day and then she became very lethargic. We picked her up to see what was wrong and she screamed 3 times and went limp. We are in shock! We are all crying and miss her so much. A friend of mine laughed because she didn't understand why I am grieving so much for a bird. She just doesn't understand how much personality they have, and the incredible bond that you can form with them. The children are also taking it very hard. I'm glad I found this site and I see that we are not alone and there are many lover of birds out there. My condolences to all the bird lovers that have lost a special friend.

Aug 02, 2013
Rest In Peace RAY
by: Anonymous

this morning my 10 week old sun conure died to day is 8-02-1013 b ut last night defore bed i fed him and he was singing and danceing and doing what he allwase does and then we went to sleep (he slept with me that night) when i got up he was on the floor on a pellow sleeping so i covered him with a t shirt because i dident want to wake him up so dosed off and got up again but he was under some sheats witch means he moved so i went to wake him up but he was dead

i only had him for a week but and he died i dont know how he died dut i will never forget him R.I.P RAY

Feb 19, 2013
Our Beloved
by: Sun Conure Dad

Feb 19th 2013: It's a normal Tuesday so far as I woke to my kids laughing and playing so I didn't think anything was wrong....EXCEPT for one thing: My sweet Sun Conure "Honey Bird" wasn't squaking along with my kids so I ran downstairs to his cage because everyday I woke to that annoying,but lovable sound. Only to find that my Happy,dancing bird that I woke to everyday was lying on the bottom of the cage not moving...As I grabbed him in shock I held her to my ear to hear her heart beat,but once I did I noticed that she had already passed away because her little body was already cold. I then noticed my daughter was watching and it broke my heart.She kept asking why Honey won't wake up...all I could do is cry.. .Needless to say it has been a VERY sad day for this dad of one less family member in our family..We Love You Honey and will miss you forever....for all our Bird Lovers out there who has lost a precious Bird/Conure my heart go out to you and your families....Let's continue to love these amazing little guys

Feb 02, 2013
sadly my conure passed away R.I.P ARCHIE<3
by: aovi

my little conure Archie died yesterday (FEB1,2012) he was acting normal when my sister and i came home yesterday he was playing with my dad as usual then he put him on top of the cage then i guess he flew to the bathroom but nobody saw him flying toward the bathroom then i saw him in the bathroom on top of my shower so i got him and i notice he looked a little weak and was breathing slowly but i thought that he was scared or something i didn't really think about it so i put him in the cage because i thought he just needed some water so when i checked back he was in the bottom of the cage and i thought hes feet we just stuck so i moved him but he didn't stand up so i called my dad to help so he got him and started to rinse out his mouth with water because he might of ate something in the bathroom and he was still just laying in my dads hand so my sister and dad just went to go drive down to a vet but they told me right after they got into the car he had past away but they still went to the vet and they also said that he passed away and maybe because he ate something toxic in the bathroom or maybe he got really scared and had a heart attack or seizure but when they got home we were all really sad and didn't want to say goodbye we didn't expect this we had him for less then a year and we loved him so so so much we buried him with his toy that he loved the most R.I.P Archie, we love you<3 and for the people that have conures heres a little advice ALWAYS get their wings cut and ALWAYS watch what they are doing because they are really sneaky and could do something that is dangerous for them and most of all ALWAYS play with them and love them so much because they are beautiful creatures and you never know when something like this could ever happen

Oct 20, 2012
Our Two Littte Comics
by: Mz.Zee

My family adopted 2 Green Conures with in weeks of each other. They became very close. One had never been held or trained. She was difficult I knew we had to keep her No one could deal with her bitting and hissing. She was here to stay ( she was only supposed to be a foster. Pete was a comic and Karate master as well as a dancer. Funny Little birds they died suddenly. Her sometime n the night and him this morning. Nothing different its getting cool but they are well covered. I dont get it. Im very sad. What could have happened? I have an Amazon and she seems fine. I have had her by my side all day to keep an eye on her.

Jul 28, 2012
HELP!! My Sun Conure was attacked by dog
by: Anonymous

My Sun conure was VERY Briefly grabbed by my Yorkie. It was my fault because I had forgotten he was out of the cage, and when I opened the door to his room the Yorkie rushed in and grabbed him. It was only a second because I grabbed the Yorkie and she dropped him. He's only 11 months old and I am very worried for him. I immediately took him to an emergency vet who deals with birds, but they only gave him a shot of Antibiotics due to labored breathing and limping. They don't see any broken leg or wings, but they are not Aviary specialists. There is only 1 in my area and I am frantically trying to reach him.

I did not agree to Xrays or bloodwork because they said they need to anesthesize him and he may not survive the anesthesia which they say is "common". Does anyone know what his chances are? I need some assurances or suggestions. He's just laying at the bottom of his cage breathing heavy and making a clicking sound. He falls when he tries to climb. His left foot seems weak (they said micht be sprained). Very worried.

Editor's note: Labored breathing is very bad. You will need to Find an Avian Vet for your bird so it can be examined to determine what is wrong and what the potential treatment might be. In the future if you want people to see and answer, you need to post a question, not an answer here to another question, on our Parrot Questions page.

Apr 10, 2012
help please!
by: Anonymous

My 7 year old sun conure died suddenly! I forgot to feed it yesterday but i did the day before and it was all happy and acting normal but i camehome today to feed it and i ound it dead in its bed! Please help i cannot go to sleep and feel terrible! Did it die from dehydration?

Editor's note: Possibly, but it is hard to say. If you want people to see and answer, you need to post a question, not an answer here to another question, at Parrot Questions

Jan 02, 2012
Sadly my Sun Conure passed suddenly
by: Rich Meyer

I took "mikey" in when my dear friend's mother needed a new home for her 14 year old Sun Conure, and she asked me. I had her almost a year, and she drew heavily on my heart, I can admit I actually looked forward to seeing, and being with her... She was mine. Yesterday, (Jan. 1, 2012), Mikey was squacking away, dancing and moving feely around, I even had her out of her cage as I did almost every night, but when put back in that cage she was quiet, seemingly tired so I put her blanket on and let her enjoy her alone time. I later went to she how she was and she seem to lese balance and feel to bottom of cage. I held her as her heart beat slowly beated, her eyes barely opened up, unresponsive to any and all talk or petting, didnt even grab on to me fingers to stand. She seems to have a few sezuires before passing away. I was the most gut wrenching thing i had ever watched. I have never saw this before, she clutched her feet and fell over and the one wing was straight out. I am heart broken the I lost my lady...

Dec 07, 2011
My 12 year old Mithu Died Suddenly
by: Anonymous

My 12 year old Mithu died suddenly today 12/7/2011 Yesterday he was having fun playing around the house and today in the morning when we wake up and went to his cage to feed him he was sitting on the bottom of the cage wasn't saying anything not doing anything i am shocked .... he was fine.. i dont know what happen or i dont know if there is something wrong that i did but i'll miss him for sure .....

Jul 03, 2011
by: Anonymous

My sun conure, skittles was 6 years old and he seemed perfectly healthy. Just yesterday he was on my shoulder watching tv with me and doing his little dance where he bobs his head and jumps up and down. But when i came downstairs this morning he was laying down in his cage and was dead. I haven't stopped crying all day, it was just so out of the blue. And i took such good care of him so i never expected him to pass away after 6 short years. I can't figure it out and not knowing why he passed or whether or not he was in pain kills me. Skittles was a huge part of my life as well as my familys life. His personality was one of a kind, and he will be missed dearly.

Editor's note: So sorry for your loss.

Feb 17, 2011
I found my Sun Conure "Sunny" dead at the bottom of his cage!
by: Anonymous

I have been reading the posts and I am hearing my story over and over again. Sunny was just fine yesterday! I woke up this morning and he was laying in the bottom of his cage, lifeless! Not that I am glad that anyone has lost their Sun Conures suddenly but, I guess I am glad to have found this site with these stories. I was being REALLY rough on myself wondering what had happened that may have been my fault! He was happy and healthy yesterday! I still cannot believe it. He was only like 4 1/2 years old! I have been a wreck all day and this is weighing heavy on my heart. Sunny was absolutely perfect in every way! He wasn't aggressive, he didn't have any hang ups, he had a great personality, and most of all, he made us laugh! Once again, I still cannot believe this has happened and I feel a little better knowing that I am not alone!

Jan 24, 2011
Loss of conures
by: Dee

I am so sorry to hear of all of your losses here. I lost my sweet green cheek conure Charlie on January 3, 2011. He was 18 years old. It has been three weeks now and it still hurts very much. He was a ripe old age but it was very sudden - he went into a kind of seizure then died. I know I will miss him for a long long time. Our Nanday conure seems to miss his buddy too - Charlie was here when we brought Chico home as a baby.

I just wanted you all to know that I know just how you feel...

Jan 11, 2011
Sun Conure
by: Jody

Hi Rachel

I just recieved your comment on my post today,my Sun Conure (Kruz) passed away on July 11,2010....just wanted to thank you for a response to my post....still to this day it is heart wrenching for me to think about or talk about it,people have no idea how fun birds are as pets,I have had lots of pets in my life but there was something about Kruz that was different.At first when he was real young he would go to anyone ,but....once he got a little older anyone even came around me he would fly right on top of thier head and sometimes even bite thier ear or finger whatever he could get ahold of,haven't got another bird yet ,but have been thinking about it , it's like starting all over again and it really takes alot of time and training efforts and of course doing repiticious things over and over and over again...again thanks for your response ...keep in touch if you'de like....ody1zr580 at yah...get it ....bye for now.

Jan 11, 2011
We had our Sun Conure Sunny 18 years and he died this morning Jan 11, 2011
by: Anonymous

I just realized the numbering when Sunny died 01/11/11 weird. He was fine yesterday, churping away and being his loud normal self and when I came into the bird room where Sunny lived with his sibblings, 4 other larger parrots, he lay helpless and lifeless at the bottom of his cage. Didn't even drink his water. I believe it got too cold for his little body because it was very very cold yesterday here in Colorado Springs, CO. We have a Cockatoo named COCO who is 24 years old, a African Grey parrot Misty, around 15 years, Yellow headed Amazon parrot Molly, around 24 years old, and a Red headed Amazon parrot Percy around 24 years old. Then there was sweet little Sunny at the end of the cages looking out all the time through the windows in the bird room my husband built for them in our Recreation room around 6 years ago. It is a much easier cleanup to have them all on flooring instead of open on the carpet. My husband installed a ventillation system inside to keep the dander down from COCO'
s feathers. We will miss you sweet little Sunny and miss your beautiful personality and spirit. May you rest in peace sweetheart. God Bless you! We will be buring Little Sunny in our backyard as soon as the ground thaws to make a hole. He will lay to rest in a shoe box that will be lined with Eight ball and flamed fleeced material. It will be very comfortable for his tiny body. Thank you for letting us share our little bird's story with all of you. 18 Years is a pretty long time for most of these birds. Although, most sites state that they can live up to 25-30 years in a perfect climate. I think it got too cold for his tiny little body. He should be in the Tropical Rain Forest Kashi Bird. I called him that.

Oct 01, 2010
A warning for all birds! Our Sun Conure died suddenly Sept 26, @3am
by: Rachel

Dear Jody,
Our 'Sweet Bird' was four years old, in perfect health. In the begining, we educated ourselves and happily changed our lifes to accomadate her. She always had a clean cage, she took a shower with one of us everyday, ate Harrson's, etc. She was a daddy's girl for sure. He called her 'Roo' because she LOVED to crawl down inside his shirt whenever he would bend over and then peak her head out from his collar, she would just hang out that way. It was so funny.
Our hearts are broken!! It's hard to believe she is gone. I still hear her little bird sounds when I walk near her cage; her little bells ring when I'm in the other room. She was in her Papas arms, wraped up in a small towel when she suddenly died. I had been on the phone calling every number I was given trying to find an emergency 'bird' vet anywhere within a 100 mile radius, to no avail. "No, she can't be gone!" For hours, I couldn't take my eyes off her waiting to see a hopful movement through the tears in my eyes. With our little bird laying between us we tried to savor these final moments together , we weren't ready to say goodbye. We were feeling helpless, in disbelief and feeling like we had neglected our responsibility to protect her. What happend??? Why did she die suddenly! We have always been so careful, so vigelent. Yesterday, I found a chewed up lamp cord hidden under the stand. Massive amounts of copper exposed!! Copper is poisoness to Sun Conures. She had snuck under there recently, seemingly to play hide-n-seek, but only for moments at a time. It never crossed our mind that she was chewing on the lamp cord. I am confessing this to you all hoping it will save someone's little bird.
With all my love 'sweet birds,'

Jul 11, 2010
Sun Conure
by: Jody

Hi,I can't believe my sun conure died suddenly yesterday afternoon,i had him for 2 years and he was the most perfect pet.Kruz would love to play tickle tickle and always snuggled with me or just hang out and watch tv.I just don't understand what happened to him,he was perfect.what i mean by perfect is that he never pulled out his feathers like some birds that i have seen.very very clean and always zipped his feathers.i just can't stop crying ,i miss my bird so much it was like having a child here with another heartbeat.i know this probably sounds wierd but i can still hear his bell in the cage from time to time.i just don't know what to do without him,i had his wings trimmed and nails cut about 5 to 6 weeks ago.he was very energetic after that.always gave him fruits and veggies as treats.i just don't get it ,he had a clean bill of health.

Feb 06, 2010
Loss of parrot
by: Lynn

So sorry for your loss, for I certainly know how you feel. My precious 13 year old Quaker, Pogo, died suddenly in the early morning hours of December 27....I am still devestated. ( It is awful to be so helpless when it comes to our little feathered babies.


Feb 05, 2010
Sun conure laid 3 eggs
by: The Avian Vet

I am so sorry to hear that you have lost your bird.

It is not physiologically possible for a bird to produce and lay three eggs in one day. It is possible that she became egg bound, the three eggs backed up in oviduct, and the straining and other injuries caused bleeding from the reproductive tract. If your bird is not eating a diet that is mostly pellets, then nutrition is the key in this problem. Putting birds on pellet diets will prevent this tragedy from occurring. However, there may have been other complicating factors that may have exacerbated this condition.

Do you have a veterinarian that you can take your birds to? You should have a necropsy (animal autopsy) done on this bird and have your other birds examined to be sure they too are not ill. Most important, is to get them on a pellet diet if they are not already. Harrison's is the best choice. This should make up 80% of the diet and the rest can be any treats.

Dr B

Feb 05, 2010
Lovebird died suddenly
by: Kim

I am really sorry for your loss. My lovebird Dino died suddenly yesterday. My husband got home from work and she was at the bottom of her cage next to her favorite bell dead. She was only two years old. She was the love of our life. We are so sad. I don't understand what happened to her either. It doesn't make any sense. She was active, social, and robust. She acted her normal when I had her out of her cage that morning before work. It sucks.

Feb 05, 2010
Sun Conure laid 3 eggs in one day
by: Tracie

I am soooo sorry to read this!! It must be very hard for you. Dr B should answer within a couple of days.

I think you are correct, I think laying that many eggs in one sitting killed her. I have never heard of this happening. I hurt for you.

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