Sun Conure died

I was wondering if you can please help me . I had a sun conure and he suddenly died last nite and don't know why , he didnt eat ,drink or anything and i only had him for 4 days we found him so we took him in and he was happy for the first couple days then he started acting weird and i knew something was wrong i feel so bad i tried to save him but it was too late .

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Jun 20, 2012
Sun Conure

Well I went to an adoption place to see about getting another bird and looks like it might happen
Thank all of you for your advice.

Jun 14, 2012
Sun Conure died
by: Anonymous

It was so good of you to take this bird in and try to help it. If you found him outside there's no telling how long he was out and what he got into while he was out there. He could have eaten something poisonous or drank something bad or gotten some disease. Or he could have been sick already and the previous owners just let him go. Nothing but speculation here and I am sorry for your loss.

Jun 13, 2012
Rescued bird died
by: Tracie

If the bird never ate or drank anything, then that is your clue that it was very sick when you found it. There is no way to tell what he died of without a necropsy, and that is basically a bird autopsy.

Because it is possible that this bird died of a disease it got from wild birds, you need to sterilize anything the bird was around, and anything you touched without washing your hands after handling the bird.

The bird could have had an internal injury, a disease or an illness. The only thing you could have possibly done different would be to have taken the bird to an avian vet, so don't feel bad.

Thank you for trying to help this bird.

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