Sun Conure doesn't play with toys

Hello, I just adopted a 1.5 year old sun conure.
She is very friendly and loves to be handled, petted, scratched. In only 3 days, i was able to teach her to turn around on her perch, to nibble on a target, and we are now working on the upside-down bat.

However, up to now, the bird was kept in a cage with almost no toys. And now, even though I put a few in there, she does not play with them. I did try to integrate being with me + playing into a single activity by putting one of the toys outside of the cage, almost on my lap, and then she did walk on it and nibble on it. However, while she is alone (all day while I am at work) all she does is eat and sit on a perch. She did not play at all. I have a web-cam setup to spy on her so I know this.

Could something be wrong? Is there another technique I can try to get her to learn to entertain herself?


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Apr 17, 2012
Sun Conure doesn't play with toys
by: Martina

You can buy shedding type toys and cut them open and hide pieces of nuts or some kind of dried food treat tht the bird likes and it will start to tear at the toy to get to the treat. That might help it get into chewing at toys.

Jan 11, 2012
no toys for my sun conure
by: Emma

It sounds like you love him/her very much :) My sun conure played with cat toys when he was a baby but now he HATES toys! He is 15 and has hated jingly things since he was about 2. He would rather chew on toilet paper rolls or his favorite--my socks and the drawer they are in! Don't worry about it not liking toys, he/she will be fine

Jan 03, 2012
Sun Conure doesn't play with toys
by: Anonymous

I think you and your little friend will do just fine. I have a Nanday conure that probably escaped from a pet store and was in the wild for a bit before he landed in my friend's back yard. He is mine now and from the beginning had a lot of toys to play with but for over a year had no idea what they were for. Like your pet he just walked over them -- till does to some extent.

He likes to shred paper so I give him lots of that to play with. He really loves 'discovery boxes' filled with his food pellets and a bit or two of nuts. You might try those.

But, above all, your love and attention will be what he needs most.

Jan 03, 2012
Conure won't play with toys
by: Tracie

You are doing GREAT! It may take a while for her to decide what kind of toys she likes, and to play with them in front of you.

When we had a couple of green cheek conures, one loves paper and shreddible toys, the other like thin wood toys to destroy. One loved bells, the other like shiny toys but not bells.

Just give a variety of toys for now, and your bird will eventually enjoy something. :-)

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