Sun conure eye problem

by Dedere
(Polokwane, South Africa)

Hi, we"ve bought a 4 week old Sun Conure last week, 2 days ago I noticed that her eyes are watery. This moring het left eye was closed and swolen. I immediatly phoned the pet shop owner that I bought her from and he told me the he never heard of watery eyes in Sun Conures... He told me to clean the eye with salt water and cotten wool, which I did. The eye opened and a tear rolled from the eye. What can be the cause?

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Oct 18, 2017
Eye problem
by: Anonymous

Sun conoure eye problem. what is the solution

Editor's note: You need to find an avian vet or at least a really good breeder to help you.

Jan 24, 2011
Sun conure eye problem
by: Linda

Birds bought in pet stores and from some breeders are already sick with an infection either bacterial or viral. Of course the pet store did not take you seriously because they know the averages for birds coming out of store. When a bunch of birds are put together, bacterial infections happen because of lowered immune systems, possibly poor feeding and stress. Even if bird looked healthy in store, one more move is too much, and they start showing signs of illness.

Your bird needs to be taken to an Avian Vet not a dog and cat vet as they are not licensed or trained in the care of birds and either won't treat them or will kill them with the wrong medicines and too much of them. DO NOT give any over the counter meds including those found in pet stores because until bird is diagnosed as to what kind of infection this is, it will not get better and will most likely die.

Here is a link for help in finding an Avian Vet Find an Avian Vet You can also ask around to the other vets as sometimes one of them has an Avian Vet on staff.

Thanks for writing and hope you find an Avian Vet soon as your bird needs real help from a real bird doctor.


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