Sun Conure has injured tail feathers

by Denise

Our Sun Conure is about 6-8weeks old and has injured it's Tail Feathers. There is a little blood n 2 or 3 look a bit broken. They are sticking up slightly n it keeps tryin to pull at them. What should i do?

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Mar 27, 2012
Sun conure injured feathers.
by: Anonymous

Since your conures are so little... you should keep all perches at cage ground level. This prevents injury during falls.

A bird can bleed to death from injuring a blood feather.

You can go to the pet shop, and buy a powder solution that stop bleeds. bird groomers use this when clipping nails to stop bleeding. You can get some and use it on the feathers that are bleeding, or you can use flower... get a pen cap, dip in water, then into plain non bleached flour, and dabbed it where he's bleeding this will work as well, and wont harm the bird.

If your bird is bleeding, it's key to stop it right away.

If the injury is severe, of course try to stop the bleeding if possible and rushthem to the vet.
You might think its not allot of blood, but they can still die from blood loss. Esp when they injure a "blood feather".

hope this helps for the future.

Mar 25, 2012
by: Denise

Ok funnily enuf when we got up this morning our Sun Conure had pulled the 3 feathers out and is as happy as can be.

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