Sun Conure Health question

by Raymond

My sun conure is sneezing a little too often and a little water comes out from his nose. Today, he was really mad and he bit the cage bars really hard. The paint came off a little bit. His feathers are fluffed and he is sitting on the little bed I made for him from a snuggie blanket. Its not on the bottom of his cage. His eyes are kind of closing and he keeps bobbing his head up and down slowly. Please help!! Thanks.

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Dec 17, 2009
Sun Conure w/ runny nose
by: Tracie

Please take your bird to see an avian vet in person. Dr B can not help your bird, because he can not examine the bird and run lab tests in order to prescribe the proper treatment.

I hope all goes well, let us know what the vet says.

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