Sun Conure insists on attacking my daughters friends

by Jennifer
(New England)

My Sun Conure seems to attack anyone my daughter brings over to our home. Male/Female it doesn't matter. Marley (my sun conure) is very affectionate to all of us in our family. As well as some of our guests that come in to our home, but whenever she brings someone in our home, he does not like it at all, an will fly to them an try to bite them.
He was given to us twice, my niece was original owner of him, then she had a baby an wished not have him due to the loud squawking an fear of waking her infant baby, and in when her baby was older, she took him back, and well during that time she wasn't very nice to him, kept him locked up an covered for a great length of time. and apparently there must have been some brooms used towards him in a negative manner.

So we took the conure back gladly, it took him a bit of time to reaclamate to us again. He is very good with myself an my daughter, he snuggles, talks up a storm, mimics sounds, laughs, says step up, love you, kiss kiss, my sons name jake, i also taught him douchebag, night night, amongst some things that i won't say on here. There are times he squawks loudly, but that is usually when he wants attention, for the most part he is a great bird who is loved to death, He roams freely amongst the house for alot of the day with boundaries. He is about 3yrs old. He was handfed by my niece. He truly despises her now, when she comes over, she attacks her.
I do believe he remembers the people that weren't nice to him.
He is nice to all in our family. He doesn't attack everybody that comes over our house. Only my daughters friends. I really don't know why, i feel bad for them, they are petrified, they have done nothing to him.
With that being said, Anyone have any ideas/suggestions, answers to possible reasons why he does that.. ??? Thank you very much, any responses are greatly appreciated!!!

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Dec 04, 2012
Sun Conure insists on attacking my daughters friends
by: Linda

What you have described here is called severe abuse by a woman who has a baby? I feel very sorry for any baby born to a woman who would abuse a little helpless bird because it isn't going to be a good life for the child.Sorry if I've stepped on any toes here, and the truth is the truth no matter how one wraps it up.

Secondly, keep anyone away from him that he does not like and forget making him do anything. You are dealing with an abused bird here, and not only will he attack someone he does not like and trust, he will cause great harm to someone like this. Abused birds have "had enough" of stupid humans and their abuse in any form. He feels he is being abused with your daughter's friends, and most certainly, they cannot handle him ever.

You do need to take him to an Avian Vet and have his wings trimmed. Have them trim only the Primary Flight Feathers which are the long ones at the ends of each wing. This has to be done before this bird severely injures someone. It may not have happened yet, and it WILL happen, of that I can assure you.

Keep him in and around his cage and do not allow him the run of the house because this is dangerous for the bird in that they are like children and everything in their environment is explored through their mouths.

So, to sum up, take him to an avian vet only and have wings trimmed just the long feathers at the ends of each wing, set more bounderies for him from now on, and until he gets used to wing clipping, he will need to be watched carefully or he could hurt himself thinking he can still fly. Keep him away from anyone he does not like and trust, and I mean away from. You will be legally responsible for any child he injures including all medical bills and legal fees.

As for the niece who abused him, do not even let her near his cage when she comes over because this person is really the one he hates, and he hates her with passion. He is taking out his anger on other people right now because he cannot get to her. It sounds like she did not toally ruin him which points to you all being decent people. The but in that statement is that he has been abused, will never, ever forget it as long as he lives and will take it out on anyone he can also for as long as he lives.Not his fault though you do need to be aware of what abuse does to these birds who are born gentle, kind and loving. Humans turn them into monsters, so please keep him and everyone else safe.

Thank you for writing, and protect this little bird from any further harm. He has always deserved a good, happy, safe and loving home. Too bad he, like so many others, got who he got at first.


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