sun conure laid egg

by kathleen
(utica ny)

my sun conure just had an egg and i dont know how becaus the person that gave her to me had her for ten years by her self as fare as i no never been with anothwer bird

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Jul 17, 2011
my sun conure....
by: Anonymous

My sun conure is 9 years old. She has only ever laid one egg in her life of 9 years so far. It is not unusual or anything to be concerned about. My sun conure is & always was a single bird.

You don't need a male present for hens to lay eggs. You only need a male to fertilise the egg.

If that is all she has done please don't worry. It is perfectly natural. She may sit on the egg or she may leave the egg or she may lay more. Don't remove the eggs until she has left them. Taking the eggs from her if she is sitting on them can cause her to continue to lay eggs & this can be a health issue for her. If she's not sitting on the egg then you can take it away.

Jul 16, 2011
sun conure laid egg
by: Linda

You seem to think a male has to be present before a hen can lay an egg. This is not true at all, and hens can lay eggs with or without a male present ever. That's where we get unfertile chicken eggs to eat. Birds do not get pregnant as they are not mammals, so the entire idea of breeding or laying eggs is entirely different from humans or other animals.

Thanks for writing and look into article Tracie suggested.


Jul 15, 2011
Conure laying eggs
by: Tracie

Please read the Chronic Egg Laying article written by an avian vet for information on how to care for birds that lay eggs.

The main concern is that your bird is eating a healthy pellet diet, like Harrison's so that your bird doesn't end up with egg binding. (Where the egg gets stuck.)

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