Sun Conure Molting

by Olivia

You can kinda see right under his beak there

You can kinda see right under his beak there

I've had my sun conure about a month.I got him when he was 4 months old hand raised. I've read that they get cranky when molting. I think mine is starting to molt, because I have seen some pointy pin-like feathers under his beak.
Please Help!!!!

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Feb 12, 2008
Sun Conure Molting
by: Vicki

Molting is a natural process and I'd be worried if it WASN'T happening!!! Mine is 3 years old now and during the next couple of molts, yours will lose the green feathers on the shoulder of the wings and replace them with the bright yellow. Pin feathers are painful if you touch the ends and they get pushed straight back into their skin. Does that make sense? However, feel free to rub them from side to side, you will get a reaction if what you are doing hurts - I've found that when they are ready to emerge, it actually feels good to them to have them "scratched". Showers are wonderful for them at this time, mine showers with me all the time - it will help soften the casing around the feathers. Over time, you could even get comfortable enough to help break them up for your bird - like a member of his/her flock would do for them. This could very well be another positive experience you may share with your baby...

Jan 21, 2008
Molting Conure
by: Tracie


Yes, when they start getting hard white pointy pin-like feathers they are molting. And, yes they can get very grumpy.

If your bird is very hand tame, you can help him by gently pinching them and rubbing them between your fingers. If the feather is ready, you will become your bird's best friend.

CAUTION: You must be very careful because if the feather is hard and not easily broken open you can hurt the bird. This is a blood feather and they can be very sore.

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