Sun conure not flying right

by Autumn
(New Jersey)

My 6 year old sun conure can't fly right. She's had her wings clipped her whole life and now that she can fly she buzzes around like a bee. I saw videos of sun conures flying and they look so great at it and so smooth. Lola, my parrot, can't even reach one lap around the room. How can I teach her to fly smoothly?

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Mar 16, 2018
Sun conure female which won't fly will it breed
by: Titus

Hi all,

Need expertise comments.. A sun conure female which cannot fly. Will the bird can be used for breeding..

May 19, 2015
Flying harness question
by: Tracie

There are mixed reviews for harnesses. I know several people that think they are great, some feel they are too upsetting for the birds. You might watch some YouTube videos and see what you think.

May 18, 2015
another question
by: Anonymous

Would you recommend using an Aviator harness and leash so I could bring her outside for practice? My friend thinks that the room is too small for her to fly right and maybe that's why she won't do it so would Lola get sick from going outside?

May 18, 2015
Sun conure flying
by: Anonymous

Your bird will teach itself to fly over time. My Quaker parrot was a rescue from an abusive home and the previous owners always had her wings clipped. When I got her, I decided not to continue with the wing clipping and my bird did not attempt to fly for two years because she didn't know she could.

The only way she figured out that she could fly was when one day something spooked her and she took off. When she landed, she was quite scared but I could see she was happy that she could do it. Over the next three years she has perfected flying farther, landing safely and hovering.

The good thing about Quakers is that they call out during flight so I always know when she's on the move. Just give your birdie time and it will be fine.

May 18, 2015
teaching a bird to fly
by: Tracie

You can't actually teach the bird to fly, you can only provide opportunity for the bird to practice.

Please make sure you are only allowing your bird to fly in a bird safe environment. This means no mirrors or glass that may encourage the bird to fly into them. No pictures or objects on the wall or tables that the bird may land on and the objects fall off/over.

Make sure there is nothing the bird may chew that is toxic, and keep the bird off the floor at all times, unless this is a bird specific room where you take off your shoes so that you don't bring in diseases from outdoor birds.

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