Sun Conure one wing flickering

by faisal

Hi, I have a sun conure, and i call her Sasha. i really dont have a lot of deatils about her sex or age cause she was a rescue bird, but she surely is an adult sun counre.

lately she has been flickering her wing. not flapping but more of flickering. inside and outside the cage. she fluffs up and flickers her right wing mostly but even does it with her left wing sometimes. and its constanf not for a minuite or two, she just keeps doing it.

i took her to the vet and he could not find any wound that the bird might have. this behavious started suddenly about 2 weeks ago. and she is always with some one and i am pretty sure she did not hurt her self. she still flies very comfortably. she does not seem to look like she is in pain.

she is a very friendly bird, has a nice big cage for her, and is on a fruit and seed mis diet. I had clipped her wings, but now they have grown back. she get s her time to fly indoors.
i just want to make sure that she is fine and healthy.

Kind Regards faisal

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Dec 05, 2016
Wing flicking
by: Sun Lover

Nothing wrong with your bird at all.
It is a sign of contentment and closeness.
Little tourettes like flicks and twitches, as well as head tilting and cuddling.
My little lady Scribble does it, but only when she is sitting quietly on my arm or close up to my neck. If it was a neurological or general health problem as others has diagnosed, then it would be a constant behavior, even when alone. I have noticed that females do it a little more than the male sun conjure. Also, having talked to the wonderful lady that breeds the birds, and from whom I purchased Scribble as a baby, there is nothing to worry about. However I am NOT an avian vet, so if you have any concerns or even just for your peace of mind, have your little squarking bundle of attention seeking joy given a thorough examination. I am sure she will love all the fuss over her.

Dec 28, 2010
Sun conure behaviours...
by: Anonymous

I also have a sun conure & as a sun conure owner & knowing MANY other people who have sun conures, I can assure you this is normal sun conure behaviour! They wing flick on a regular basis when you get close to them, snuggle them & give them attention. It can either be both wings or only one wing. It is a sign of affection & closeness for them & nothing to be worried about however, before I get yelled at someone for saying what I have said above, I will recommend you take her to an avian vet to get a wellness check, just in case because sometimes wing flicking in some species parrot can mean something is wrong.

Dec 24, 2010
Conure with wing flicking
by: The Avian Vet

This could indicate that she is hungry, not feeling well, wanting attention, or neurological disease such as heavy metal poisoning. Take her back the the avian veterinarian for a more thorough work up. Monitor her weight to be sure she is eating properly. Her diet is poor so she needs to be switched to a pellet such as Harrison's or Roudybush. I mention this because it could also be calcium deficiency.

Dr B

Dec 23, 2010
Sun Conure one wing flickering
by: Linda

Faisal, your bird is NOT fine, and you need to have her seen by an Avian Vet in your driving area. Regular dog and cat vets are not licensed or trained in the care of birds and will usually say nothing is wrong to keep from incurring financial liabilities if they do the wrong thing with your bird.

This constant flicking of the wings indicates either a parasite or a toxin or poison in the bird's environment. When you clip the wings, ONLY CLIP THE 6 LONG PRIMARY FEATHERS AT THE ENDS OR BOTTOMS OF THE WINGS. This will allow the bird to glide safely to the floor. Cutting up any higher creates a constant pain in the bird and cripples them so that when they fall, they can be hurt in the fall. We also suggest you take your bird to an Avian Vet for wing and nail clipping as it is very easy to cut a blood feather or too far back on the nails. Blood feathers are the ones that look purple because they are full of blood, so always avoid them when trimming the wings. Cut only the 6 long primary feathers on ends of wings and cut only the ones that are white looking as these are feathers no longer carrying a supply of blood. Your bird is not safe flying all over the house, so please have the wings clipped at your earliest convenience.

Thanks for writing,

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