sun conure parrot papered

by brandon

If a Sun Conure Is papered what does that mean?

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Jan 04, 2012
sun conure parrot papered
by: Linda

I'm sorry to inform you, but it means the people selling the bird are jacking up the price because they know you don't know enough about birds.

This is a ploy to be able to make more money off the babies since there are NO pedigrees with birds. Pedigrees or "papers" come with dogs and cats and horses where their ancestry can be traced way back for many generations. This is not the case with birds because most of the birds being bred in the US are already "related" in some way making these birds poor breeding stock to begin with. There is no new blood for breeding parrots since they are no longer legally imported into this country. What we have here is a bunch of birds who are all somehow related causing future generations of birds to be inbred, creating a world of unstable parrots both mentally and physically. I strongly discourage breeding birds because the more that are bred, the more unstable they will become in the years' to come.

Please run, don't walk to another place to buy your bird and let these people know you are not interested in paying a higher price for a "papered" bird.

What will the unethical breeder come up with next?


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