sun conure personality change.

by Hilarie

We took our newly adopted sun conure to get his wings and nails trimmed at the vet 3 days ago. Since then his personality has totally change. He wwent from a sweet socail bird to not talking at all and biting. He gets very territorial when you go near his cage. He had been trimmed before and didn't seem different until the day after the vet. I am unsure what to do. Please help if you have any advice as I don't want to have to find him a new home.

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May 23, 2018
by: LindaAnonymous

I have a sun conures that flew in my back doorstep in the rural mountains that I have no clue about she’s sweet friendly scared loving after wings nails clipped scared recluse now I am! Linda

May 11, 2018
Was she flighted before the wing clipping.
by: Hesteen

Also, were the nails clipped or field? It can be painful to a parrot for Thai nails to be clipped. Also, if the birdie was flighted, and now they arn't, it'll take them a little time to get used to their clipped wings. The bird is most likely upset about the visit and doesn't want to come out of the cage.

I suggest giving her healthy birdie treats the she likes, talk to her while she is in the cage with a soothing calm voice and then offer your hand. If birdie doesn't want to step up, just try again later. Over time she will feel comfortable again.

Nipping can be inevitable. In a calm voice tell birdie "no, and/or be gentle." If birdied starts to be gentle, praise her excitedly for listening. They are smart little creature and learn quickly.

Whatever you do, don't leave he in the cage. You need to be persistent and show her that she can trust you.

Birds are a huge commitment. Parrots have the intelligence of a 2-3 year old. If you keep that in mind, you and your baby will go a long way!

May 31, 2011
Sunny's sad?
by: Sunny's Adventure

I have a 9 month old sun conure, that flew away 4 days ago and he was found yesterday, thanks to craig's list since he travelled more than 5 miles. Since we brought him home yesterday he seems a little sad and his feathers are always fluffed up, he's also not as talkitive or playful. I'm affraid for him, is he depressed, will he be okay?
I also got two baby indian ringnecks while he was out to make up for my loss, Is Sunny jelous?

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Sep 13, 2010
Same problems here with nails..
by: Truman is Sad

I took my sun conure to the vet last Friday (the 10th) and he went from a playful happy bird to a recluse. All he wants to do is sit in his cage by himself and doesn't want to be handled at all. I had his nails clipped by an avian vet and his wings, and I think he is depressed over his temporary lack of flight. Now I'm worried because my bird went from happy and playful to a quiet bird who just wants alone time.

I've had my conure for a month and he's only a year old. Should I be concerned with trust issues? Before this insident with the vet, he was trusting me a little. Now he doesnt want my affection at all and I'm worried.


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May 21, 2010
by: Anonymous

hello, my name is stephen and i recently bought a sun conure. he is the nicest sweetest bird OUT of his cage, but when you go to get him out he acts like a completely different bird. i have been reading and i know they can be very territorial and it takes a while for them to gain your trust. but what i havent read anywhere is what can i do to begin training him to see that its okay for him to come out? what can i do to gain his trust for him to come out side his cage nicely?

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Feb 02, 2010
your reply
by: Anonymous

Yes I did take him to a avian vet and he was extremely friendly before this happened. I am concerned because of the fact that I have children and they have friends over and I do not exactly want anyone hurt. If I can get him aclimated to our home and happy it won't be an issue. I do realize that birds are a lot of work and do not take change well. Which is why I asked for help on this blog.

Feb 02, 2010
sun conure personality change.
by: Linda

Okay, let me see if I have what you said clear in my mind. You stated that you had a new bird who is biting after a trip to the vet for wing and nail trim. You also stated that, and I quote, "Don't want to have to find him a new home." If I have that correct, we'll proceed.

First of all, your bird is scared to death in a new home with new cage, people and what all else is there. It takes them a couple of weeks to feel comfortable in their new home. BIRDS DO NOT AUTOMATICALLY TRUST HUMANS AS TRUST HAS TO BE EARNED NOT GIVEN. Your bird has not found you worthy of his trust yet, so relax and give him a chance.

ALL BIRDS BITE AS THEY ARE ALL WILD ANIMALS AND WHEN AFRAID, THEY WILL BITE. You must learn more about how to take care of parrots, and I suggest you buy a couple of books and make use of all the material on this site as well as on the internet in general.

The other question is about your bird's health. Did you take him to an Avian Vet for a checkup when you brought him home? Or did you just take him in for wing and nail clipping? Parrots bought in pet stores are almost ALWAYS SICK AND SOME ARE SICK TO THE POINT OF DEATH. PLEASE TAKE YOUR BIRD BACK TO AVIAN VET TO MAKE SURE HE IS NOT SICK.

Lastly, you have to make a commitment to your bird. You can't just "give him away" everytime he does something you don't like. Birds are not toys, and they need responsible people willing to learn about them, love them and take care of them very much like children need. Please decide right now whether you are up to the task of being a responsible bird owner. If you are NOT, then you need to start looking for a good, new home for your bird. All birds are pretty much the same. They need good food, clean water, clean cages, toys and nice natural wood perches. They need time out of cage, and MOST IMPORTANTLY, THEY NEED PEOPLE WHO LOVE THEM AND SEE THEM AS THE BEAUTIFUL SPECIAL CREATURES THEY ARE. You are very fortunate to have your bird, now let him know how grateful you are to have him by doing everything you can to make his home a fun, happy, nurturing place to live.

Thanks for writing and enjoy your learning as it takes a lifetime and then some.


Feb 02, 2010
My Quaker does also...
by: Sandy

hello, I have a quaker and when I take him to the vet to get groomed he will to go from sweet to sleeping and not talking and will bite. This does not happen everytime but will most times. I would be concerned if not eating or seems in pain. Try to call the vet and ask their opinion... Goodluck !

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