Sun Conure picking feathers till he is bleeding on his chest.

by Jessica
(Poughkeepsie, New York, U.S.A)

I have a 8 year old sun conure. He has a large cage and is in a sun porch. He is generally a happy bird, very noisy and hand tamed. I woke up this morning and he picked or itched his feathers on his chest, more under right wing, and exposed it to the skin. There was a lot of dried up blood and a little of it was ozzing.

He is no longer actively bleeding and I put neosporen on his wound. He is eating and drinking normally, and acting like his usual self. I am located in an area where there are no avian vets ( the closest is 2 hours away).

My husband is a doctor (for people) and said to watch him and put anti-biotic ointment on it. I have done some research online and saw it could be an internal parasite. His stools are fine, there are no ticks, fleas, or mites visible on him. Could you give me any advice on what this is or what to do? Thank you for your time.

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Jul 07, 2008
Sun Conure picking feathers
by: The Vet

First, do not put Neosporin on your bird. This is too greasy and will mess up his feathers.

This may be a dermatitis which is very difficult to treat in birds. The longer you wait, the worse it will be. Take your bid into an avian veterinarian today and get proper treatment. You should also have blood work and fecal done to look for parasites and systemic infection. I realize you are a distance away, but the drive could mean your bird getting better.

Dr B

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