Sun Conure picking nose and sneezing

by MB

I purchased a sun conure on Saturday, and he’s settling in pretty well. The pet store didn’t offer a health certificate, but they did offer a guarantee. He (she?) is pretty active and seems to be healthy, so I think it all worked out OK. He hasn’t stayed fluffed out, but does so when I rub his neck and other preferred spots, so hopefully it is a sign of contentment.

The only thing he does now that seems a little odd is that he will stick his toenail into his nose hole – looks like he’s scratching it inside – then does a little sound that sounds like a mini-sneeze when he’s done, but I don’t see anything obviously wrong like a runny nose to go along with it. He’ll also move his head against my finger really fast when my finger is up against the nose area, like he’s scratching it with my finger. I’m hoping all of this is “normal!”

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Jul 22, 2008
by: Melissa

I wanted to follow-up on the previous posting about Teq sticking his toenail into his nares and then sneezing afterward. Dr. B recommended that I take Teq to an avian vet for a wellness check, which I did. It turns out that Teq had a Bacterial Sinusitis (gram negative bacteria). The vet gave me some medicine to give him over a week, and he seems to be better now. Even plays with his toys!

Thanks so much for your good advice!!! Thanks also for your website and service. It's been a big help! I thank you - and Teq thanks you!

Jul 11, 2008
Sun Conure picking nose
by: The Vet

This all sounds pretty normal. However, you should have him examined by an avian veterinarian and get him vaccinated for polyomavirus. The time to take you bird is is when he is well, this will give your veterinarian the opportunity to see what is normal for your bird. In this case the itching and sneezing could be caused by something lodged in the nares. If left there, it can become a nidus for infection. Better to be safe than sorry.

Dr B

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