sun conure pregnant ( what to do)

by Kesh

I have hand raised Green cheeks and my Lilac Amazon. But I have never bred my birds. Cher is prego! My Green cheeks are Very sexualy active. They always wait until we have company. But NOT the sun Conures.

Cher layed an egg and Sonny the male poked a hole in it. I took the damaged egg out to discard it and he bit me on the face, and struted off. Cher looks to have at least 2 eggs in her. How far apart do they lay eggs? I think she may have layed another on last night. However I not interested in being attacked. I bought her a cockateil nesting box after she layed the 1st egg. This was a surprise. This all started afte I put a new bed in. It looks lie a little tree hut. Now She prego. Help me please! hould I move Sunny to another cage?

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Jul 26, 2011
Sun Conure
by: Anonymous

My Sun Conure Mango is girl 2 years old and Boy is sunny 3 years old.. I still waiting for them to get eggs babies.. They havent get babies. What I am doing? I really want babies parrot..
anyone suggest advice?
Thank you Juliana

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Jun 20, 2009
Bird breeding
by: Linda

Breeding birds is a complicated and sometimes expensive venture. A sun conure would need a wooden nest box similar in size and shape to one made for a cockatiel, so a proper nest box is your first concern. This kind of nest box attaches on the outside of the cage, and the front hole and perch are inside the cage so you can get into the box from the outside to check on eggs and babies.

If your cage is large enough (big enough for both birds to fly some in it) you can leave them in together. The males do not feed the babies, but they guard the hen, eggs and then the chicks. Parrot males become extremely aggressive during breeding, so it will not be the last time you are attacked. To remedy this problem, you have to have feed and water cups that can be accessed from the outside. If you do not have this kind of cage, forget breeding until you do. The males do what comes naturally to them, and that is to protect their families with their lives if necessary.Pet birds turn into parrot monsters as they protect their families. It is not a personal issue with you, it is how it is done as a bird's survival depends on fighting off intruders, and you are now an intruder in his space.

I suggest that until you have done a lot of reading, studying and talking to breeders that you take out the nest, throw away all eggs. If the eggs are broken, and your birds eat any of the fluid, they will die from albumin poisoning. I had this happen to a cockatiel hen many years ago. I took out box, and she kept laying eggs. I was slow to take one out from bottom of cage, and she broke and ate some of it. She died a few hours later in agony.

Until you have the proper breeding setup for your birds, do not breed. Once you take out the nest, she may or may not stop laying eggs. If she continues to lay, take the male out and put in separate cage. Pick up ALL eggs immediately and discard them.

Please take this advice seriously as your bird's lives are at stake here.


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