Sun conure recently bought seems angry

by Chad
(Eau Claire, WI USA)

Hi just bought a sunny. Hes 5 yrs old and the previous owner had 4 dogs. The sun interacted well with the dogs. previous owner also said he was a loving bird. We've only had him for a few days but he wont come out of his cage yet. He bit my gf as well.

He seems to do better with me though. I actually got him to step up and come out for a few mn but all he did was bite my shirt and put holes in it lol. We also have a lutino cockatiel which is a yr old. I know its only been a few days and we should give him more time but we are getting flustered fast.

The sun screeches and its wings quiver all the time like he wants to come out. When I leave the room he also screeches loudly till I come back? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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Nov 02, 2011
Sun conure recently bought seems angry
by: Linda

Well, please put yourself in your bird's place. If someone you didn't know came into your home and took you away to a new scary place around a bunch of strangers, would you be angry and afraid? Of course you would, so your bird is very afraid of all the new things like your home, you, your entire family and any pets you may have. He may even be araid of his cage if it is new. The world is a very scary place if you're as small as your bird.

Getting flustered this soon indicates you expect this poor little bird to just instantly trust you. Birds do not instantly trust anyone. Their trust is earned not freely given, so get busy earning his trust. You are not his previous human caretakers, and he knows this. Birds have roughly the emotional/mental development of a 4-5 year old human child. Your bird has a right to be angry, and I'd certainly be angry, and you are there, so you will be bit until he settles down.

He also needs to be examined by an Avian Vet before beginning any training or dietary changes. Birds in the middle of all these changes can and do get sick with infections, so take him to an Avian Vet only to be examined for infections or other physical problems. Have some general bloodwork done to see how his organs are functioning and if any problems show in the blood.

Once he has a clean bill of health or meds to cure any infections, you may begin again with him. Please don't expect him to trust you for quite a while, and don't get frustrated because he is terrified of all of you, and that is a fact.

Give him time to adjust, take him to the avian vet and have patience, understanding and a lot of unconditional love for him. He needs you to love him and care enough about him to work with him. He will feel all this from you, and will become, in time, a wonderful companion. All conures make loud noises, and they make a lot of noise if their human caretakers are not interested in how they feel about things. (Not saying this about you)

Please give him your full commitment to his health and well being, and keep working with him as he's a gift you've been given, and anyone getting parrots has to understand them and why they are acting the way they do. Your bird is afraid, and his way of showing that is to bite and do some screaming. Spend lots of time with him, like cleaning his cage, getting him natural wood branch perches as the dowels that come with cages cause arthritis and feet and legs hurt. Start thinking about what you can do for your bird and not what your bird can do for you. Once you have this constructive attitude, you'll begin to make headway with him.

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