Sammie the Sun Conure puts the cat in it's place!

Sun Conure Picture

****WARNING**** Just one scratch or bite from a dog or cat may kill your parrot! Even if a cat or a dog "gets along" with your parrot, it only takes a second for your bird to get killed.

This is Sammie, our first bird and an adorable Sun Conure. He is about 4 months old as of Aug. 2006.

He is the boss of our other pets... which by the way this is our cat Squeaky. He thought he'd hop up and take a cat nap but Sammie had another idea... "Get off my sofa!"

He is everything the breed is known for. He's a clown and he's the most loving, cuddly, kissable bird. He is also very voiceful, especially when he wants a treat or when our cat Squeaky tries to lay on my lap, as seen here. Sammie is jealous. Sammie will run over and bite Squeaky the cat and growl.

He loves to wrap himself up in my hair and take a nap. He's become such a special part of my family.

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