Sun Conure - seizures

by Sandy
(Johnston, RI 02919)

I currently have my sun conure - 18yrs old - I believe he had a seizure yesterday - he is at an emergency hospital and is staying overnite - they said his blood work came back normal - they also tested his muscle level count through the blood and that came back normal - red blood cell count is normal - I am hoping he went through the nite OK if so I will be taking him home today - my question is can sun conures live normal lives with taking seizures sparringly - I don't think the vet will give meds. unless he takes a seizure for them but I can't afford to leave him in hospital for days not knowing when he will have another seizure. What should I do. sandy

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Dec 31, 2009
He is doing better...
by: Sandy

I got to take Nicky home yesterday and he is doing well. He is happy to be home with Squeeks his green Cheek Conure. They are closely bonded birds. He didn't have anymore seizures so I will have to watch him to see if he has anymore in the near future and how close the seizures occur then maybe meds. will be next although they say he may never have another one through out his life. The only thing that came back a little low was his sugar count. The vet didn't seem to be concerned about that. I am getting ready to go out and get some fresh bananas and some cottage cheese cups with fruit on side. Thanks again. Sandy

Dec 30, 2009
Bird seizures
by: The Vet

Seizures are a complicated problem and are very difficult to diagnose. Most causes of seizures have no treatment. Causes include brain tumor, certain infections, low blood sugar, head trauma, calcium deficiency, toxins such as lead and zinc or insecticides, and idiopathic epilepsy. Some of these are treatable, but a diagnosis is necessary to determine the proper treatment.

Dr B

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