Sun conure Sneezing

by Coco

Hi I just got my sun conure just a week ago and he is just 4month's old and He is sneezing not alot but maybe about three time's aday what I seen anyway should I be worried or should I take him to the vet ?
He seem's fine he play's eat's and go to the bath room just fine.

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Dec 29, 2009
Sun conure Sneezing
by: Linda

As Dr. B said, have your bird seen by an Avian Vet in your driving area as soon as is possible. ALL new birds need to be seen by an Avian vet directly after they are purchased and come home. Moving is very stressful for birds, and their immune systems become compromised which leads to bacterial/viral infections.

Please have him checked out for infections so you know he is healthy. The Swine flu crosses species barriers, and even the common cold can be passed onto our birds as well as bacterial infections, so it is a good idea to take bird to Avian vet to make sure all is well.

Thanks for writing,

Dec 29, 2009
Sun conure sneezing
by: The Vet

He should be seen as soon as possible.

Dr B

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