sun conure sudden death

by Cheryl Dinkins

My sun conure, Shamus, just died a few hours ago and I have no idea as to why. He was fine all day his typical active, chewing, screaming self. I cooked dinner around 6pm and gave him his millet for his treat. 3 hours later I went to get him as I do every night and he was huddled in the far corner of his cage obviously in distress. When I picked him up he was limp, lethargic and in respiratory distress. His breathes were long and grasping and far apart, he could not hold his head up at all. I called the vet and while I was on the phone he made 4 chirps laid on his side and his feet curled under and he was gone.

I would like to know what could have caused this or if you could give me some ideas as to what happened to him. He was my best friend. Very loving and devoted. I hope he did not suffer and hope he had some comfort knowing I was there holding him. I am all broken up. I feel guilty like maybe it is my fault cause i have a gas stove and after dinner tonight I turned off the stove but left the door open. Could he have been poisoned from the gas stove. Even though the stove was off?

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Jun 21, 2016
Tequila the sun conure

Today's the second saddest day of my life after loosing my mom in 2012 I got really attached to her favorite bird Tequila the Sun Conure. She died like 3 hours ago. It's been too hot these days and I did my best to keep giving her water and o would spray her and my other bird down to keep them cool but the ac in my apartment keeps going out and it took a toll on her. The last thing I heard was her last crys which didn't sound right I ran out from my bedroom and she was on the floor of her cage almost lifeless. Then she closed her eyes. I can't stop crying. I felt like I was still connected to my mom thru her. Now I've lost them both. :(

Aug 07, 2015
Sudden death
by: Anonymous

My baby kiki was only a year and two months, got home from work didn't think to check on her I was taking a nap my son was screaming her name and calling me at the same time, she was dead, I don't understand she was perfectly fine, the night before while my husband was cooking she would whistle how he thought her, she was dancing to the music she was fine, now she's gone my heart is so broken I can't stop crying every time I think of all the things she did with me and my kids I start crying, she was my baby I feel like I lost apart of me.

Jun 20, 2013
Sun Conure Sudden Death
by: Edwin NY

That just happend to me right now, My birds (2) are in a large cage in the back yard! No teflon, no gas, he was sitting in the entrance of his nest box, the other was hanging in one of the perch, both full of live and happy, went to feed them as usual and he came down to reach for the tray, as soon he touch the botton of the cage start shaking almost like a heart attack and died did not last 5 seconds! So sad, the other is just fine eating and chirping, I have many birds and never seen anything like that!

Oct 01, 2011
What a tragedy!
by: Bill

I am very sorry for your loss!
Loosing a feathered friend is like loosing a family member!
The first thing that I thought of was teflon. Were you using a teflon pan/pot?
Was there ANYHING the contains teflon that got hot?
I have my doubts about the gas, but you should get your appliances checked to see IF there is a gas leak.
Does the stove itself have any teflon on any of the surfaces that get hot?
Look at everything that could be a problem.
A necropsy will tell you what caused your little guys passing.
Once again, I feel for your loss!

Sep 25, 2011
Conure suddenly died
by: Tracie

I am so sorry for your loss. Unfortunately there is no way Dr B or anyone can tell you what caused your bird's death, without a necropsy. If you want to have that done, to rule out a disease that might pass on to the next bird you may get, then Find an Avian Vet to to a necropsy on the bird.

You can purchase a kit from the hardware store that will test your home for a gas leak, to find out if your stove is leaking gas. I know many people that have gas stoves that keep birds, but they have an alarm they purchased at the hardware store that will go off if there is a leak.

If you use air fresheners, anything at all with Teflon coating (Irons, ironing board covers, toaster ovens, frying pans, etc.) that got overheated, that would kill your bird. If your bird chewed something toxic or breathed fumes from something toxic, it would die like you described. There are just too many possibilities to come up with. I am so sorry.

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