sun conure toe

by Suzanne Martin
(Fairfield, CT)

I came back from a trip and one of my conures has an issue with one of her back inside toes. She doesn't appear to have any control of it. She almost died a few years ago because she managed to produce an almost round egg she couldn't lay. She survived but has been a bit wobbly since from nerve damage. The toe doesn't appear to bother her at all so I'm questioning if taking her out in winter is worth the risk. Can anything be done if she broke the toe anyway?

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Jan 26, 2009
Sun Conure bad toe
by: The Vet

If this is an old injury, there is not blood, and she is acting normal, then a trip to the veterinarian to this toe may not be necessary. However, you should be taking your bird in annually for check ups and vaccines and at that visit, your Dr. can monitor the toe and see if problems arise.

Dr B

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