Sun Conure wing twitching

by Shawna

My sun conure has been twitching both wings for about a year now. It seems like it's getting worse lately. It's not the kind of wing twitching where they put their head down and sort of half flap their wings -- this is more like the wings have a nervous twitch that's irregular -- and just in the wings.

Any idea what this could be?

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Nov 03, 2009
Sun Conure
by: Anonymous

I have a sun that re-adjusts her wings after preening and then grinds her beak (for cleaning), but it does not look like random twitching. I am able to hold her and gently extend her wings and see if a feather is out of order. She does it especially after her flight feathers are trimmed. My other birds do it too so it was not a worry and she passed the vet inspection with a clean bill of health.

Another thing she will do is puff up her feathers and shake her wings slightly (looks like shivering, especially on her belly feathers) if she is afraid or does not like someone. I try and socialize her as much as I can, but there are some people she just won't put up with. In this case I make sure they back away and give her space but also work on training exercises so she is less afraid.

Oct 10, 2009
Sun Conure
by: Linda

If bird is bowing his head down and spreading wings some, this could be display behavior. It could also be many other things including illness.

If bird has not seen an Avian vet in the last year, please make an appointment so your bird can have a checkup and be tested for infections and have some base bloodwork done to see if there are any health issues going on you don't know about.

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