Sun conure with hurt leg

by Marie Steenburgh
(Erie PA)

I noticed just yesterday that my sun conure 4 months old is favoring his right foot/leg, he does still walk on it just with less pressure then before, and if hes just perched she will hold the sore leg up. Ive looked at the leg and it looks no different she can still move it up and down and grip with her toes, she also seems to be a little irritated when i hold her. any idea what this might be? thank you

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Jul 13, 2009
by: Shantel

You really need to get him checked out because i used to have a sun conure and i got information for him and if your bird is favoring its 1 foot. then it might be dying that is 1 of the symptons

Jun 03, 2009
Sun Conure with hurt leg
by: The Vet

Maybe an injury, maybe something else. You need to have her looked at and x-rayed by an avian veterinarian.

Dr B

May 31, 2009
Bird to Vet
by: Linda

Your little bird is in need of immediate attention from an Avian vet. Please make appointment as soon as is possible and take her in to be examined. This can be anything from an infection to a broken or fractured leg. Fact that toes still are able grip does not sound like a break, and is most likely an infection or something in her foot. It could also be a sprain if she got her foot caught in something and pulled it our very hard.

Again, please get your bird to a qualified vet, as no one can tell you anything without examining the bird and doing proper testing.

Hope all becomes well with your birdy.

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