Sun Conure with Splayed Legs

by Joe Shaffer
(Washington NJ)

We have rescued a Sun Conure from an elderly couple who could no longer care for her. The bird is obviously suffering from splayed legs. She looks like a bad ice skater when she tries to walk. Is there anything we can do to help her?

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Oct 17, 2009
Older conure with splay legs
by: The Vet

I cannot tell you unless I have the advantage of examining your bird. We would also need to take x-rays. Most splay legs in adults are not fixable, but in some cases surgery can help.

Dr B

Oct 16, 2009
Sun Conure
by: Linda

This is something an Avian Vet will need to advise you on. It depends on what caused the splaying--whether a birth defect, broken legs, or some kind of muscle deterioration. Please call and make an appointment with an Avian vet in your area, and see what options are for the bird.

I can't go into much detail here as there are so many possibilities which include birth defects, broken unsplinted legs or other injury or illness. An Avian vet can give her a good going over including xrays of the legs to see if they have any ideas for remedies or appliances that could help her.

Thank You for taking her in, and she needs your love and support. Regardless of what the Vet's prognosis is, make a decision for her highest and best good. If her legs can be fixed, and she is not in pain, I recommend caring for her as she will find her way into your hearts and make them much larger in their capacity for love. If, however, vet cannot help her and says she is probably in a lot of pain, the best and most loving act you can do is to let her go and be out of her pain. It is a decision you will have to make, and do not think yourselves unkind or unloving if you make a decision based on what kind of quality of life she may be able to have.

When we take in rescues with special needs, sometimes we have to make the hard decisions on their behalf. You will know in your heart what that decision needs to be, and make it FOR her and be FREE of guilt. Sometimes there are things that just cannot be fixed.

We hope and pray that your little bird can be helped and that you will spend many years with her as a part of your family. Let us know what happens, and we stand in support of whatever decision you all need to make on her behalf.


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