sun conure wont step up for me

shes 3 ive had her for four months i leave her cage open daily and she likes to come out and sit on it and what not,she gets excited when i come in the room she lets me pet her rub her beak and everything else so shes not mean or scared of my hands but when i say step up and push her tummy a little she climbs back in her cage really fast if i do it while shes on her perch she literately hangs upside down, ive bribed with her favorite treats and she eventually looses interest in the treat and goes back in her cage or gets mean and tries to bite cause she wants it so bad just not bad enough to step up,she glides off her cage she will step up and go right back to her cage, my daughter however can get her right away but only with a blanket on her arm (doesnt work when i try it) so ive tried to get her to step up when my daughter can get her out and she gets so scarred and flies back to her cage. help!

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Jun 09, 2015
Getting a bird to like you
by: Tracie

Birds choose who they like and sometimes you can only train them to tolerate the rest. I tell a story on our Parrot Training page about how my GC conures favored me, until one day they hated me.

They went through the hormonal change, going from babies to adults, and suddenly they would bite me and hiss when I came near. I was crushed. I was the one that sat next to the cage all day, because they were in my office. I was the one that fed them too. Oh well.

Long story short, they decided my husband was the favored one, so HE was able to teach them stop biting me. They never "loved" me again, but they did tolerate me. Since I want their happiness, not mine, I was good with that.

Please read the training articles, and nutrition articles too, on our Parrot Training page for more help.

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