Sun Conure

by Barbara
(West Islip, NY, USA)

"Hi" from Sammy

My husband and I have had our Sun Conure for 4 years We took him for his "manicure" today to a pet store. and brought him in his travel cage which has a cage cover. When we got to the store he seemed fine, although he couldn't see much because of the cage cover.

As soon as we took the cover off and put him (still in the cage) on the counter he looked at this man about to clip his wings and spread his wings, tipped to the side with his wings out and started blinking rapidly. He was almost swaying but leaning to his left side and his beak wasn't moving.

The store owner said the bird was about to faint, so they blew in his face. I have NEVER heard of a bird fainting and to be honest, I thought he was faking it, but they told me he could actually faint because he's so traumatized and this could possibly cause a heart attack.

It took about 5 minutes or so to calm him down from his fainting spell. If he was faking it was the funniest thing i've ever seen in my life... but if he wasn't is there anything we can do to prevent this from happening again to our dramatic bird?

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May 20, 2011
Sun Conure Seizure?
by: Joyce

I have a sun conure approx. 5-6 yrs old. I think she had some sort of seizure. About 7:30 am she just fell off her perch to the bottom of the cage, wings spread and flopping side to side like a fish out of water. She was dropping alot of feathers and squawking. I pick her up and she bite me several times until I could wrap her in a towel. Once she calmed down, she just was still and panting with a little jerk now and then. It took about twenty minutes for her to come out of it, all the while not seeming like she was "there". When she came around, she cuddle next to me and said "gimme kiss" and then kissed me. I put her back in her cage and kept her quite. She slept quite awhile, then came out and was fine. It has been 1 week later and it has happened again (shorter duration though). In reading alot of posts, it seems this is common in this breed.Does anybody have any ideas of what to do? I am not in a good financial position right now. Thanks!

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Dec 30, 2009
My 18 yr. old Sun Conure I believe had a seizure.....
by: Sandy

Yesterday I took Nicky my 18Yr. old Sun Conure out of cage to sit on my shoulder - when it was time to put him back in his cage he suddenly went frigget and flapping his wings - i held him until he calmed down although he was very quiet afterwards - about 20 minutes later he started acting like himself - I currently have him staying overnite at an emergency animal hospital so they can watch him overnite - he hadn't had anymore since - I will be calling this morning to see how he did and hoping to take him home - If he continues to have seizures sparringly what should I do - His blood work came back fine also - anyone that has some helpful advice concerning seizures in sun conures would be greatly appreciated. I also have a greencheek conure which my sun conure has a very close bond with - my question is should i put my sun conure back in same cage as my green cheek conure when I take him home.

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Apr 02, 2009
Sun Conure seizures
by: Patricia McCarroll

I have a female conure that is about 19 yrs old. She started doing this about a year ago...acts like she has a broken leg - flaps around on the bottom, climbs up the side with one leg and beak...the first time, I grabbed her, thinking she was really hurt, examined the leg (I was a vet tech for 5 years), saw nothing, and put her on my shoulder...she was "panting", and when she calmed down, she was perfectly normal again. She's had a couple of these - out of the blue - returns to normal after a couple of minutes. Last night, she had one that lasted for awhile...I held her and talked quietly to her... she was very quiet after that, but then ate a few mango slices and went in her tent early... This morning, she was back to normal... She's a very healthy girl - and has two lovebirds and two cockatiels for company...I wonder if this is an aging "slowing down" behavior - that in the wild would not be seen, because they would become a meal for some predator...

Sep 13, 2008
Sun Conure "fainting"
by: The Vet

Birds will sometimes display this "behavior" under stress, and although it is not truly fainting it is a mild seizure. I am not sure if this is what happened to your bird as I was not present to observe it first hand, but this does happen.

I recommend not going to pet stores for grooming as they often have no clue what they are doing. You should find an avian veterinarian that will groom for you and if the "fainting" happens in the clinic at least there will be someone there that can take care for your bird in the event of an emergency as you have described.

Dr B

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