Sun Conure

by carey
(south aftica)

I have recently moved into my own place, my sun conure is use to having someone around all the time while I am work during the day. Would it be best to take her to my mom every morning and then pick her up after work or should I leave her at my place alone during the day?

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Jul 06, 2009
Leaving Sun Conure alone
by: Tracie

I personally do not think you need to take your bird to your mom's every day. Many birds stay home alone all day and do just fine.

What you might want to do, is leave in the radio so that it won't be quiet all day. Then when you get home, make sure you spend some time with your bird. Also plan time in the morning before you leave to spend some time with the bird.

Your bird will adjust to the new routine and this will be normal. Provide plenty of toys for the bird to chew and destroy and entertain himself also.

Thanks for asking and caring so much for your bird!

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