Sun Conure's beak

by Sharon Truly
(Memphis, TN, United States)

I have had my Sun Conure for five years. His beak has always been solid black, even at a young age. I have moved to Tennessee since Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans.

I have just noticed within the last week that Rainbow's (Sun Conure) beak is turning white. Is this normal? He is very playful and energetic so I do not think he is sick. I was just wondering if this is common.

He is out of his cage all day on his play stand. He does rub his beak on the stand to get my attention, so U do not know if this is the cause. Please let me know.

Sharon Truly

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Mar 13, 2008
Beak color change
by: The Vet

Beak color change is sometimes expected in birds, but I cannot make that call in this case without seeing your bird. Color change can also be blamed on infection and cancer, too. So, a exam will be necessary to determine if this is normal.

Dr B

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