Sun Conures bonding.

by HelenW
(Perth Western Australia)

I have just got a four year old female sunconure whose mate was killed by a hawk. She is an aviary bird and semi tame. i have also got a three year old tame male. He is much smaller than the female. How do I introduce them to each other and is there any chance of them becoming a bonded pair. Helen

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May 30, 2011
Sun Conures bonding.
by: Linda

Firt of all, your new bird needs to be examined by an Avian Vet in your driving area. ALL birds coming from pet stores are already sick and will need to be diagnosed as to what kind of infection they have and the correct medicine prescribed. Never give over the counter meds especially those coming from pet stores. Pet store personnel are not avian vets and cannot diagnose and treat any bird illness or injury. Nor can your next door neighbor, best friend or Lady down the street. Only an Avian Vet is licensed and trained in the care and treatment of birds, so always take birds to them.

Second, do not put these birds in the same cage. They will need to have supervised time outside of cages so they can get to know each other. Both need to have wings clipped, and have this done by an avian vet as pet stores sometimes cut up too high and cripple birds. Just the 4-6 long primary feathers at the ends of each wing are all that need trimming. Reason for trimming is you don't want them to fly into walls or windows and be hurt, and you don't want them able to fly to each other so one can hurt the other. When they are both out of cage, make sure you or another human is right there to make sure everything goes well and there is no fighting.

I suggest you keep them in separate cages all the time you have them as breeding is not necessary for their health and well being. The market is already over-populated with birds, many of whom, will never find a decent home and can and do end up in neglectful and abusive homes, so keep yours as pets and enjoy them while you continue to learn more about them.

Thanks for writing and keep in touch,


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