Sun Conures breeding behavior

I have a Sun Conure named Bob. He is two years old. I got him from a breeder when he was weaned. Before his second birthday he loved baths, loved lots of different healthy foods especially nuts & veggies,& also loved his toys. His behavior has changed now. He is always trying to preen my face. He vibrates his head against my hand or arm. He raises his tail up high and moves it around. He stands holding his head high and rolls it around like he is showing off. I have to wear old t- shirts because he continuously bites holes in my shirt & pants.

I would not be so concerned but he does this behavior all the time and never acts normal anymore. He will not take a bath under the faucet now. He no longer touches his toys. He does not like nuts or veggies now. He is on a healthy diet of Harrisons pellets and organic seeds. He has regular vet visits and is healthy. His vet said that he or she may never change. Does anyone out there know how long this breeding behavior (if that is what this is?) may last? I love him and will be okay either way.

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Oct 16, 2017
My 15 year old female
by: Anonymous

My Mattie does this all the time just like your bob ....

Jul 16, 2013
My Sun Conure
by: Anonymous

Thanks Linda. I now know that Bob is a female because of the behavior you described. She is on Harrison's pellets and really likes them. I am concerned that this behavior may never change. I still love her anyway. I do wish that she would sit on her play stand sometimes. She wants to be on my shoulder, chest or lap at all times. She knows when I get home from work and immediately starts screaming for me. I keep her with me all evening. I did what you said to do to help her stop biting my fingers and it worked. But she still bites a lot of holes in my t shirts. I wear old ones so it is okay but I would like to understand why she does this. Thanks for your info.

Jul 02, 2013
Sun Conures breeding behavior
by: Linda

Are you sure your bird is a male? The reason I ask is the behavior you described sounds like female breeding behavior. Females lean down, raise their tails up and move their butts back and forth. The male stands very erect, moves slowly and stiffly side to side on the perch with his tail held down and stiff like the rest of his body. He pins his eyes and can do this for quite a while. If your bird is doing the bend over and raise the tail thing, this is a female's invitation to be bred.

As for new behaviors, do not worry about the things he/she no longer wants at this point. As long as the bird is eating 80-85% percent of diet in Harrisons' pellets, he does not need anything else. the Harrisons is cold extruded leaving in all of the vitamins, minerals and proteins making it a great choice for 100% high quality nutrition.

As for how long behavior will last, it depends on the bird. The biting needs to be discouraged in the form of putting the bird back in cage when he has bitten. Make sure he knows why you are putting him up and do this directly after he has been corrected for a bite. Biting does not have to be part of the coming into puberty we all see with our birds, so firmly and gently begin training him to not bite or he will be put up. There are some training materials on this site you may wish to take a look at to help you along.

Keep in touch and use your avian vet as a valuable resource for help with what is troubling your bird. Do not resort to hormone therapy unless there is absolutely no other way because drugs and birds do not do well together.

Thanks for writing and hope bird settles down some for you.


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