sun conures

by beverly

I had 2 conures in the same cage had them for about 5 years one died and I am wondering if the other 1 will be ok being s it ws raised with the other one or will it pine away and die. the one that died chewed the bed they liked to sleep in and got caught by the neck in the torn bed and strangled. I am so sad no more bird beds for my birds . Please someone help me do not want my other conure to die. Was wondering if I should get another to put in cage with the one I have left.

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Aug 17, 2011
Sun conure partner died
by: Tracie

I am sorry for your loss. If you get another bird, make sure you have a separate cage for the bird until you are sure they will get along. Also, make sure you have both birds DNA tested so you don't end up with a male and female and have breeding problems.

Your bird will eventually get over the death of it's friend. It would probably love to have another bird in a cage next to it, to socialize with.

You do have to keep a close watch on bird tents, especially if you have birds that chew fabric. It might be best to not have fabric tents in the cage with your birds.

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