Sunconure died

by Andrea
(Fort lauderdale, FL)

We had a sunconure who died early hours of the morning on Feb 10, 2010. Last night she seemed to suffer seizure like twitching. She would scream when going through the severe twitching. Once the episode was over she would constantly twitch her head and make little squeaks. She was very weak and if she did stand, she seemed to favor one leg. Eventually, she could not stand and just laid completely down.

My husband searched frantically for a 24 hour animal hospital that took birds but there was none that was opened. We put her in a shoe box, and wrapped her has gently as possible. It was very devastating to watch her suffer. We had her for 10 years. The second year we had her she had suffered from aspergillosis which she was treated for. What could have caused her death? It breaks my heart to have seen her suffer and not know what caused it.

I also, have eclectus which will be nine years old in April.

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Feb 10, 2010
Parrot sudden death
by: Lynn

So sorry for your loss...I know exactly how you feel. My 13 year old Quaker died suddenly on 12/27. She had been having unusual foot seizures on and off for 4 months ( but after taking her to an avian specialist in Columbus, Ohio, we thought we had the cause figured out with a calcium deficiency. I'm still not sure what caused her to get sick and die so suddenly...and she never seemed in pain with her seizures, just immobilized in one foot for about 5 mintues. I am heart-broken, too, and have been just lost without her. It is amazing how much personality our little feathered friends have and how we feel so deeply attached to them.

Again, so sorry for the loss of your little conure.

Feb 10, 2010
Sun conure died from seizures
by: Tracie

I am very sorry that you and your bird experienced this. My heart goes out to you.

Dr B can not tell you what caused your dear bird's death. You need to take your bird right away to an avian vet for a necropsy. This is important because you need to know if it was contagious since you have another bird.

I hope you determine what caused the seizures so that you can prevent this from happening to your other bird too.

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