sunconure joe losing feathers?

by JCs

sun conure
losing feargers around his neck and under wings is he molting?

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Jul 08, 2009
Feather Loss
by: Linda

If he is molting, look closely on his neck and under his wings. You should see little rigid pin feather shafts coming in. They start off very short and gradually lengthen until you are able to see the shaft end where the feather comes out.

If he has these, then he is molting and growing in new feathers. Keep an eye on him for a while to make sure the new feather shafts are coming in. If you don't start to see the new shafts or if he loses even his down feathers (ones kind of gray and fluffy right next to body) then he needs to go to an Avian vet as soon as possible.

It would not hurt to take him in for a checkup and tests for bacterial infections and/or parasites. If it has been a year since his last visit, then he needs to go to the vet.

Keep us posted on how he is doing and if new feathers are coming in. I'd suggest taking him on to an Avian vet in your area so you have the peace of mind of knowing he is alright or a diagnosis of something wrong and medicine to fix it.

Good Luck and stay in touch,

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